Why Facebook is an advertising powerhouse

What started as an online platform for university students to socialise has evolved into a social media phenomenon which boasted R250 billion in ad revenue last year. With 2.37 billion active users on Facebook, are you the business owner still ignoring Facebook as a platform to reach new customers? If you are, read on…

Facebook cannot, and will not be ignored as an advertising powerhouse! Here are our top 6 compelling reasons why:

Users check their Facebook feeds – OFTEN!

Even users over the age of 65 are using Facebook. Research indicates that at least 80% of all internet users browse Facebook and some do that multiple times a day. Your customers are on Facebook, there is no denying it. If your customers are there – why aren’t you?

Targeted Advertising

A targeted audience is a massive advantage to businesses advertising on Facebook. The ability to refine who you want to target with your marketing efforts is worth its weight in gold. Facebook has got this down to a fine art.



Since the latest Facebook algorithm update, it does cost more to offer up adverts on user’s timelines, but it is still one of the most cost-effective forms of digital marketing money can buy. By simply spending a few hundred Rand, you are able to reach thousands of people in targeted ways. The cost per click speaks for itself.

Results are immediate and measurable

Looking for a quick way to build brand awareness? Facebook promotions are able to drive real time engagement almost instantaneously. A great Facebook ad campaign can deliver reach and engagement within a few minutes. The analytics available on Facebook allow you to test which campaigns are better and which ad sets to avoid spending money on. This is an invaluable tool to businesses and marketers alike.

Increase website traffic

Building a campaign that drives traffic to your website is easy and effective with Facebook. If you are lacking the numbers on your website to drive conversion – a sure fire way to get visitors is via a Facebook boosted post or ad campaign. It’s really that simple. Not only can you increase traffic, but you can remarket to them via Facebook. The Facebook Pixel makes this possible. Great for SEO in more ways than one!

Users are using Facebook as a search engine

Yup, you read that right. Facebook is fast becoming a popular search engine. Consumers are searching for news, topics, trends or products on Facebook just like they would on Google.

We understand the power of Facebook Advertising and can help you market to your desired audience for great results!