Email marketing
The past, present and future of
online engagement!

This versatile marketing medium is designed to increase awareness of your services and/or products, focus the customer eye on special announcements, such as new product or service launches and keep customers abreast of new developments.

Email marketing involves sending a digital advertisement tailored to your needs directly to your customers email inbox. This versatile marketing medium is designed to increase awareness of your services and/or products, focus the customer eye on special announcements, such as new product or service launches and keep customers abreast of new developments.  It’s fast, it’s convenient and it works exceptionally well to communicate directly with your customers. Whether you have a new product launch to announce, latest news to share or merely wish to check in with a customer, email marketing helps you to do just that in a more professional and on-brand way than regular email communication.

As a leading digital marketing company, Cape Business Online specialises in running POPIA compliant campaigns on behalf of our clients. We have access to industry-leading tools and programmes, which enable us to run successful email campaigns with upfront image embedding. From conceptualisation, copy, and design to on-time campaign launches, we cover it all. Once completed, we also provide you with valuable insights into how well the campaign performed.

Engaging with your audience via their email inbox is an excellent way to build rapport and keep your business front of mind with your customer. Building your brand through email marketing can help grow your business too. If more than half of the earth’s population is using email – you should be leveraging this marketing avenue too, and we know how!

The best email campaign STARTS WITH A GREAT IDEA.

Let us do the brainstorming.


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The Winning Tactics
We Apply To Our
Emailing Campaigns


Striking graphics and relevant imagery will attract attention and will ensure the reader immediately grasps what is being advertised. Our in-house design team will ensure that your campaign visuals are both on brand and appropriately suited to the message theme.


Email content needs to be short and clever to engage its reader – which is exactly what we personalise your email campaigns to do. We strive to understand your business in its entirety, which includes the most essential parts: Your audience! Coupled with our knowledge of how to construct an effective email campaign, this understanding ensures that we create creative and eye-catching material that suit your unique goals.


To ensure that the email is read and not deleted, an unmissable call-to-action is crucial. Readers should recognize the purpose of the email without having to read too much, and directed to a contact action (such as a telephone number or email address) for an improved conversion rate.


Most modern consumers today receive emails via mobile smart phones. For this reason, an emailer must be responsive and clearly visible on all devices. Our designs are altered to suit all devices.  This   maximises the impact of our email campaigns, with image delivery embedded to ensure all email images are downloaded and immediately visible upon the opening of the emailer.

We make emailers
impossible to ignore!

We all get bombarded by email marketing campaigns, and most of us click ‘Mark as Read’ or ‘Delete,’ without even thinking about it twice. Our team has designed and launched many marketing emails that have returned remarkable results because we know what is required to engage the receiver from the get-go.

The advantages of
branded email marketing

Improve and build brand visibility

Build credibility and authority in the industry

Generate leads and boost sales

Strengthen client relationships

Improve communication

Reach your audience on any device

Grow your audience

This cost-effective marketing solution not only builds your brand but also improves client relations.

We have vast experience in the conceptualisation, design, and deployment of effective email marketing campaigns. We have worked on such campaigns for a diverse range of clients and would be happy to assist with yours. Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your ideas.

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