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We all want our business to enjoy an abundance of website traffic, and we want it fast.
Speed is the goal, relevancy is the key which begs the question: How do we achieve this?

Enter pay per click (PPC)…

With the paid media opportunities offered by popular online platforms like Google and Facebook, businesses can pay to have their content promoted directly to their target audience. Our advertising specialists structure paid campaigns to ensure your business has dynamic marketing that increases your brand visibility, draws website traffic, promotes sales conversions and will complement SEO efforts.

Paid media


Google AdWords

With over 90% of all online search in South Africa performed through Google, it dominates as our most popular search engine. Google is where your potential customers will search for answers to their problems and find products and services they did or didn’t know they needed. Ensuring your business is served as a search result should therefore be your primary goal and is why paid media advertising, done through Google Ads, is so popular…

The Google paid advertising platform will drive traffic to your website by suggesting your business to the consumers who are already searching for your solutions! Google Ads works on a bidding system, with a pay-per-click billing structure where you are charged each time a searcher interacts (or clicks) with your ad. These ads are set up strategically to target keywords used in search that are relevant to your business.


Facebook Ads

Facebook is the most used social media platform in South Africa, meaning you’re missing out if you are not advertising on it! This platform’s paid advertising options offers businesses of all sizes momentous opportunities to target potential customers with dynamic campaigns that are optimised for results.

The potential of Facebook’s advertising is often underestimated. What makes this paid media so effective is that live advertising campaigns can be continuously enhanced to achieve specific outcomes for your business, for example, gaining a click-through to your website or completing a contact form. Facebook’s targeting capabilities also allow companies to specify the type of consumer they are looking for to ensure the best ROI.


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Why investing in
time paid media is a must:

Sometimes, making money means spending money – especially for those in competitive environments and correctly structured pay-per-click campaigns are an immediate competitive edge for any business. Unlike most traditional marketing methods, paid advertising tools like Google Ads and Facebook Ads allow you to set a budget and immediately target spending to consumers most likely to lead to conversion.

Here’s what PPC advertising can do for your business:

Nurture a loyal customer base.

Tap into the power of audience targeting.

Create diverse and dynamic marketing campaigns.

Reach a range of short and long-term goals.

Strengthen other digital marketing efforts.

how we
help you grow with ppc

Paid media helps your business achieve immediate and measurable results that deliver the desired outcome from the get-go. As campaigns are set up to achieve specific goals, the precision possible with pay-per-click advertising is unmatched, allowing for higher conversion rates and improved ROI.

Our team is well-versed in the intricacies of paid media. We have the skill to collaborate with your paid media campaigns to ensure they work alongside existing digital marketing efforts and tailor them to suit your unique online needs. We do this by diving into existing consumer behaviour data to help define the best audience to target.

We also assist in ensuring your ad’s success by creating compelling copy and impactful visuals through social media management that drives your brand goals and encourages customer engagement. Our social media gurus are familiar with the ever-changing paid media platforms and ensure flawless campaign setup. We also keep up with the latest trends to help your brand harness and exploit them to grow your brand!

What about SEO?
Optimising your website for search through professional SEO will ensure your business appears organically in a range of results to searches performed by your target audience. Search engine optimisation (or SEO), is the organic equivalent of paid advertising. It is often characterised as a strategy that achieves long-term success, while its counterpart, paid media, offers short-term results.

When choosing to utilise the power of PPC, businesses should remember that the best digital marketing strategy encompasses short and long-term strategies.

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Is SEO the same as Google Ads?

No, it’s not. Google ads are a pay-per-click platform where your visibility is contingent upon available funds to pay for each click on your advertised URL. With Google ads, you are effectively paying per lead generated, making this a variable cost. SEO is a fixed-rate service that is dedicated to cultivating rankings on page #1 of a Google search without any cost per click.

Learn more about how these digital marketing techniques differ here.

Are Google Ads cheaper than SEO?

When you start your SEO journey, your website is unlikely to be on page #1 of a Google search, meaning an investment is needed to get to page #1. With Google ads, you are on page #1 immediately because you are willing to pay per click. As SEO fires and your website reaches page #1, your volume of inbound leads will increase, but the cost of your SEO will not. Therefore, with SEO, your cost per lead is a diminishing value over time, whereas for Google ads, you are in a bidding war with your competitors, so you will most likely pay a growing value per click to be ahead of them.