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We offer business owners a modern approach to the way that they market their businesses, with the optimal use of relevant digital marketing solutions, such as SEO, web design, social media, email marketing, email branding and online advertising.

Our product portfolio offers internet marketing solutions that are suitable for any sized business and budget, with the flexibility of choosing a tailored package designed for maximum impact.

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Our ability to understand our customers and their business, appreciate what drives profitability for that customer, and tailor an internet marketing solution to support and grow that business truly differentiates us.  Beyond this understanding lies the commercial engine of Cape Business Online. We can engineer and unleash the optimal recipe of products like SEO and social media to achieve the outcome you need for your business and grow your bottom line.

We cultivate professional yet personal relationships with our clients to build trust and to gain a comprehensive understanding of their business and the industry in which they operate. By doing this, we develop a customised internet marketing solution for each of our clients, ensuring that it suits their business’s individual needs.

We are also the only digital marketing company that offers our customers access to affordable online directory advertising. While our advertising solutions are mostly targeted at the audience of the Western Cape, our web design and SEO offerings are tailored for businesses in any location.

With our online and area-specific business directories targeting the greater part of the Western Cape, we offer businesses a solution to market their products or services to an existing search audience within the province. Our product portfolio offers internet marketing solutions suitable for any size budget, with the flexibility of choosing a tailored package designed for maximum impact.

When working with our team, you can look forward to honest and transparent services from a company where integrity and service excellence are our highest priorities. Our experienced team is motivated by the vision of our client’s online marketing successes, which is achieved by employing only the latest digital marketing technologies.

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