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Professional business advertising is the cornerstone of any digital marketing strategy.


The challenge for every business owner lies in selecting the most efficient but cost-effective platforms to promote their business. This is where our online platforms are particularly effective.

We identified this gap in the online advertising space years ago and created a platform that answers the need to market businesses online to a local search audience. Our online advertising platforms maximise your online visibility to local search queries on Google. Not only are the queries suited specifically to your business but to your area too, which is great news for your online presence and SEO efforts.

Developed to target online search audiences, and designed for ease of navigation, our business directories are a proven source of exposure for the advertising of any business, in any sector. Our local, search optimised area directories currently cover 20 geographies across the Western Cape, with our niche platforms Cape Décor and Cape Town Advertising offering more targeting business advertising alternatives.





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Why choose us for your business advertising?

More than 87,892 page views per month!

Existing Audience
Reach an established audience that knows the directory.

New Clients
The potential to attract new clients browsing the directory.

Multiple Devices
Responsive design ensures you can browse the site on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Google Rankings
We can get your advertisement to rank appropriately in Google search.

SEO Comes Standard
We use various SEO techniques to boost your ad visibility and rankings.

Free Setup
We set up your advert free of charge; this includes graphic design and copy creation.

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