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Most businesses, from corporate to small businesses, correspond with customers and vendors via email.  The emails you send are a crucial digital representation of your company – the image portrayed in each email contributes to the reputation that cultivates in the readers’ mind.  In each email that your business transmits, did you know that your email branding is an untapped marketing dream!

Enjoy email branding that captures your company’s core message and displays it to existing and potential clients in the most attractive manner with every email that you send. Whether you want to inform clients of a special promotion you are offering, inform them about your services, or simply want to wish them a successful week, we can assist with targeted, branded email banners and signatures.

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What is an email banner?

An email banner utilises brand-suited visuals to market your business through outgoing emails. Multiple email banners, all with unique campaign objectives, can be created to appear in rotation at the top of outgoing emails. With e-banners, your business can implement thoughtful campaigns with objectives ranging from improving client relations to strengthening the promotion of your products or services.  

The appeal of email branding

Our team excels in creating eye-catching, click-worthy email banners suited to your business goals. We incorporate your brand name, logo and colours to align with campaign objectives that give your emails the strategic design flair they have been missing! Paired with captivating copy, your banners with be clicked in no time to the website landing page of your choice (or they can remain static, if preferred).

Over and above the benefits of this branding, the customisation of banner delivery also offers endless appeal. With internal and external branding options, your business can share visuals that boost sales whilst also improving employee morale through those sent internally. For time-sensitive banners, flexible rotation can also be adjusted to preference certain designs for a set period of time.

All About
Email Banners

When it comes to designing email banners, the aim is to keep them simple yet informative – and of course, eye-catching!
Here are some banners that we have created:

Ensuring the utmost

We throw off a ‘kind regards’ at least once a day – it is an email staple! As your business’s number 1 form of communication, supporting your professional image through email should be a priority. This is why email signatures provide such a unique appeal.

The appeal of email branding

Email signatures are much like your standard email sign-off, only much better. These signatures are created to reflect professionalism in your communications with thoughtfully designed visuals that appear at the end of each outgoing email. This powerful tool provides easy access to all the information needed to contact you on various platforms, with clickable links to your website and social media platforms.

Signing off the right way

Implementing consistency throughout your business’s communications is easy with employee signatures, as all sign-offs can follow one template. But that’s not all! With the goal of packing a sleek visual punch, this marketing tool helps differentiate you visually from competitors, to give you a professional edge.

The technology of e-signatures incorporates click-through to your business’s online platforms, from your website to social media accounts. Signatures can also be adapted for bespoke needs, such as encouraging clients to leave reviews or initiatives designed for brand awareness.

Professional Email Signatures
When it comes to designing email signatures, the aim is to keep them sleek, informative and professional.

Here are some signatures that we have created:

Email Signature-MD-01
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Corporate clients



Small and medium businesses

We offer
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for email branding

We take care of it – from the original design to the assigning and scheduling of your banners and signatures.

Our services include:


The design and management of all email banners to your brief


The design and assigning of all email signatures


Setup of email banners and signatures on clients’ email systems


Scheduling of special promotional banners on specified days

If you are interested in finding out more about our email branding, you are welcome to get in touch with us directly.

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