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Our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) objective is to ensure that your next client finds your website in preference to that of your competitors, so that visitors to your website become your next paying customers.

Utilising only the latest and most advanced SEO technologies and techniques, our team delivers a SEO result that is structured to the strategic and commercial requirements of each of our clients.



Web Design

Our website design approach has been refined over several years to ensure that we create websites to suit specific business and industry requirements. We research each client’s business, the products and/or services they sell, and the goal of their website, to generate the best possible ROI on your web design investment. With this, we are able to create a website that caters specifically to your target market, with a design as original as your brand and business.

Social Media

We offer social media management services for clients wishing to expand their visibility on social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. We assist businesses to reach a wider online audience through social media marketing, with solutions customized to our clients’ requirements and budget. With our innovative, quirky, and effective social media campaigns, we have assisted many clients in developing and growing their online brand through various social media platforms.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a cost-effective and widely utilised digital marketing strategy proven to drive sales growth within an existing customer base. This product is ideal for businesses that want to introduce their customers to new products, special offers, or merely want to stay in touch with customers for a greater public relations focus. The process entails sending your virtual advertisement to your customer base via email. Our email marketing product is designed for delivery to any device and is POPIA compliant.

Email Branding

With professionally designed email branding banners, any business can market products and services with every email sent. This is great marketing strategy because emails are sent directly to a client, supplier, partner, or prospective client, which makes it more probable that they will enquire about the products or services advertised. We design unique and strategic eye-catching banners that will create interest and invite a reaction from your customers. E-banners can be static or clickable to encourage traffic to your website.

Online Advertising

Developed to target specific online search audiences and designed for ease of navigation, our online business directories are a proven source of digital exposure for the advertising of any B2C business, small or large. Our search optimised area directories currently cover 20 geographical locations across the Western Cape, from Constantia to Stellenbosch. Our niche platform Cape Décor supports DIY, construction and home improvement industries, while the Cape Town Advertising platform services any business needs.


Online advertising solutions for any kind of business


Welcome to the home of Cape Business Online, leaders in professional digital marketing solutions for businesses of any size, in any location. We are experts in website design, search engine optimisation (SEO), email marketing, email branding, and social media management. Our products include several online advertising platforms across the Western Cape, as well as solutions on Google and paid advertising on various social media platforms.

Marketed under the brands of CBOL, The SEO Guru, Online SEO, and The Web Design Guru, the portfolio of services that we offer is tailored for each client, to deliver unrivalled online visibility and a comprehensive digital marketing solution. If you are looking for a client-orientated online marketing solution that will gain exposure for your business, you are in the right place!






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    Why your business needs online advertising

    Your target customers are online too. They are searching for products and services and if your brand is not visible on the first page of a Google search result, you are losing out on the opportunity to engage with that customer. Online advertising and marketing mechanisms have evolved substantially, and we know how to leverage SEO, website design, online advertising, social media and digital marketing to make you stand out from the crowd.

    We are an authority on SEO and digital marketing with years of creative production and online experience. We are the ONLY service provider to offer online advertising as part of our holistic online marketing approach. Our acute business acumen and technical expertise ensures that our clients receive only the best service and results. This is the Cape Business Online difference!



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