Lead generation has become a really popular buzzword in the marketing industry, but many people still don’t understand the term. Simply put, a lead is a prospective customer who has shown interest in your service, product or promotion by providing their contact details. Lead generation is the activity of creating as many leads as possible.

Why is Lead Generation Important?

Lead generation – if done well – is an invaluable source of new business leads which can turn into profit. In today’s technologically driven world, lead generation has extended from cold calling to email and digital marketing campaigns. Social media is also a useful tool for lead generation. The process of encouraging customers to come to you instead of you having to go to them is the holy grail of marketing success.

The Tricky Part

Now that you understand what lead generation is, you would be forgiven if you thought building a lead generation campaign is simple. Build the content and the masses will come. Unfortunately, consumers are spoilt for choice – especially online. If your brand doesn’t have the edge in content – the customers won’t come.

Building clever and engaging content is the trick. Not only do you have to entice customers to pay attention in their newsfeeds, you must encourage them to click and share their personal information. This is a hard ask in a world full of distractions, spam and privacy concerns.

The Takeaway

The buying process funnel has been turned upside down. In the past many consumers were exposed to only a handful of media outlets for information. Radio, billboard, print and television adverts were the only media avenues for consumption. Nowadays, there is an abundance of information available online in various social media platforms. Now a consumer has a plethora of information available to them at their fingertips, which makes this space very popular to market in.

If you can build successful lead generation campaigns that cut through the digital noise and bring in prospective customers, this marketing method can be a figurative goldmine in terms of tangible ROI.

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