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Are you being plagued by fake Facebook reviews?

Much to our dismay, even Facebook is susceptible to spam! While social media platforms have advanced incredibly in the last few years, we still find corners of these spaces in our social media management processes quite frustrating – such as fending off fake Facebook reviews…

Facebook and your business

Having your business online, specifically on social media platforms like Facebook, can be crucial in connecting with your existing and potential clients. One of the most popular ways this is done is through Facebook reviews. As the basis potential clients use for assessing your business, positive feedback can offer your business an array of benefits. Bad reviews, though? They’re never good news. Fake bad reviews? Now those are the most detrimental.

How to deal…

Whether fake or spam, bad reviews are bad news. Unfortunately, business page administrators do not have the ability to pick and choose which reviews they would like to remove. Here’s what you can do:

The primary resolution Facebook offers business pages in these circumstances is to report the review. This can be done by selecting the three dots in the top right corner of the review in question to see more options. The option ‘Report Post’ should be selected, and prompts followed.


It is often more difficult to have fake reviews removed when they are left by real people. In these circumstances, the best option for business owners is to publicly respond to the review to share your perspective. A positive response will help show new page visitors that you are proactive, even if the situation is negative or undesirable.


When surrounded by positive reviews, one bad review will hold little merit! Fake or not, the power to derail your business is definitely minimised when your page reflects many happy clients leaving their two cents. Refocus the perspective by encouraging happy clients to share their opinion about your business.

Your business’s online reputation should be a top priority, making removing harmful fake reviews an essential task! If these fake reviews are plaguing your social media management efforts, take the initiative with the above tips. For professional advice or support on your social media initiatives, get in touch with our team.