Several case studies exist to demonstrate that there is an indirect correlation between your ranking on Google search results and social media. The link is not direct, but this does not mean it is any less important. A strong social media community that drives engagement in terms of shares, comments, likes and mentions helps a website rank higher. These social signals are important to Google, as it recognises this as web content, which is popular, signalling that it is rank worthy and authoritative. Therefore, a social media strategy which encourages engagement and shares is a valuable marketing tool.

Social signals are only one metric in the realm of SEO but if it is done well, it can significantly impact your website’s ranking. Social sharing only happens if you have engaging content. More social sharing = more visibility = stronger ranking signal.

How to build engaging content:

Keep your social media account active

Daily posts can help keep your company page visible in social media feeds providing more opportunity to be shared.

Use images and video

If your social media posts are just profile updates without accompanying images (or even better – video) the chances are slim to none that it will be noticed, let alone shared.

Focus on content

Content is King. Focus on eye-catching and interesting content and not only product or service updates. Find the conversation and build on that.

Build complete profiles
Ensure your social media profile is complete. All contact information should be current and complete. Avatars, photos and media should be rendered in high resolution. Visitors shouldn’t have to second guess your profile. The information should be clear, concise and intelligible.
Social Sharing Buttons
Add social sharing buttons to your content such as blogs, newsletters, competitions and videos to give your audience the power to share your content on social media sites. This is a very symbiotic relationship. The user can share what they find interesting, Google picks up on this signal which ranks you higher in the bigger SEO picture.
Social media isn’t a ‘set and forget’ platform – it is social. Conversations are important on social media. If someone comments on your feed, do not ignore them. This is the fastest way to lose followers or subscribers and thereby decreasing your chances of shareable content.

Now that you understand the power and importance of social media, speak to us about engaging content built for SEO purposes.