Why Facebook is an advertising powerhouse
The release of Facebook Creator Studio has many benefits for digital marketers but there are also some drawbacks of this application. Publishing Tools on Facebook have been around on the front end of business pages for years and this is what many a digital marketer has used to manage campaigns on Facebook.
With the new update that Facebook has been rolling out, Publishing Tools are slowly being phased out and Creator Studio remains. Creator studio is especially great for video promotion insights as analytics not previously offered are now available, but the downside of Creator Studio is that it is virtually impossible to view scheduled ads in order to double-check ads which are submitted.
This new change effectively means that when a client signs off on a brief, they have to be 100% happy with the content, image and budget. Ads cannot be edited once approved and to pause or delete them in Ads Manager or Creator Studio is fast becoming a challenge.
Creator Studio does not allow any editing of a photo or post which is why we will be focusing on briefs being 100% approved before uploading in the future.
If you have second thoughts about advertising on Facebook, remember these 5 important advantages of Facebook Ads:
Improved brand awareness and loyalty.
The average click-through rate across all industries on Facebook is 90%.
Social signals are necessary for great SEO.
Targeted audiences can be reached.
Your ads are seen on all devices at all times.
As we evolve with the world, so do our techniques, processes and strategies – this enables us to provide our clients with the best service possible.
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