Why Facebook is an advertising powerhouse

A little bit of social branding goes a long way

Creating cohesive branding across various online platforms is crucial in strengthening search engine optimisation efforts, but it’s a tough cookie to crack. Since the first step most potential clients take in checking out your business is to do online research, it’s critical for businesses to present a professional and cohesive online brand to that potential new customer. We find that all too many businesses gloss over this and guess what?  It’s harming their SEO efforts!

Hello, SEO support line?

Social media has been around for a long time and proven that it’s here to stay, but we only really count its impact from around a decade ago when Facebook, now the largest social media platform in the world, took off. After this platform’s inception, businesses started paying more attention to their online image as they had a new, fun way to strengthen their brand and connect with consumers…

Contrary to popular belief, your brand is more than your logo and corporate identity. It’s how you make your customers feel when interacting with your business, and it is a concept built with every interaction your business has. It’s no wonder that lacking a strong brand will hurt your SEO. After all, who wants to interact with a brand they don’t recognise in the slightest?

Creating & maintaining a consistent brand:

Covering the basics

Although your logo and colouring aren’t everything, it is still important for your brand! Having these elements consistent across all your social platforms can create a sound and professional appearance for your business. This includes profile and cover images that tie into the design of your website and should consist of semi-regular updates to keep things fresh.

Consistent visuals

So, you’re set with consistent imagery across your social platforms… It’s time to enhance it even more! Using the same design elements, shared content can help create a clear visual story for potential customers, making it easy for them to identify your business.

Outlining personas

When structuring the audience, you want to target with your online advertising efforts. It is important to differentiate between each platform. Taking the differences between social media platforms into account can reveal the different approaches necessary to excel in each. This also includes revealing which platforms best suit your advertising needs, based on your ideal audience.

Make your voice heard!

Once all the visual elements are nailed, the next important thing to focus on is your brand’s voice! Text utilised in marketing materials, whether on social media or your website, should have its own personality. This tone can be tweaked to suit each platform whilst maintaining its heart and be used to strengthen your marketing efforts.

Don’t compromise your SEO

Increasing your business’s brand awareness is a goal that strengthens all areas of your online marketing efforts, especially search engine optimisation. Although focusing on brand building may not show exact or quantitative results, the overall improvement you will achieve is what will open new channels in lead generation. Executing these strategies, albeit challenging, will yield unmatched long-term benefits for your business. If you want professional guidance for your brand’s success, reach out to the Cape Business Online team.