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Stretching Your Social Wings

The balance of algorithm changes, consumer and online behaviour shifts, and an entirely new generation finding themselves online can make social media management a nightmarish juggle – without the proper insight and experience, that is… With the notion that staying up to date with the trends is truly where it’s at (notice our embarrassing attempt at keeping things Gen Z), we’ve decided to share a few of the year’s forecasted social media trends.

How To Break From The Cocoon:

Understanding what is popular, current, and on the horizon is necessary to create content that attracts a broader audience and engages them in new and exciting ways. It is also necessary to identify which trends will work with your brand and its online goals (and which won’t).

Let’s explore this year’s trends to keep you social media-savvy.  

Action! Short-form video content is still killing it.

As the true pioneer of short-form videos continues to grow in popularity (we’re talking about you, TikTok), it’s only highlighted the popularity of this form of content. Bite-sized entertainment is what most social media users are after – a desire that stretches across all popular platforms.

Knock knock. It’s YouTube…

Short form may be king, but YouTube’s reign is not far behind! As the platform with the most diverse demographics, it’s no wonder it is still thriving. It’s also how most of us figure out to do something we’ve never done before (from changing a tire to setting up our new smart televisions).

Our online carts are filling up!

Social commerce has been building for a while, and boy, is it thriving! As one of the trends that has been on our radar for a while, it’s no surprise that this year forecasts even more online shopping, just in on our favourite social media platforms.

Five Stars

With online shopping reaching new heights comes a whole new behaviour, previously unhappy consumers would voice their complaints in-store. Now, more and more are shifting to social media platforms to do so, though not all reviews are bad!

Content is, and always will be, key

The content shared with your online community sets the tone and defines whether they will trust your brand. Creating meaningful content is useful but should be wielded alongside real customer feedback for maximum results.

We can’t ignore social SEO

Each generation approaches the internet, and how they use it to fulfil their needs, differently. Studies have found that a large portion of Millennials and Gen Z turn to social media applications to search for their answer first and search engines second. Hence, optimising your social media to support your SEO efforts is necessary.

Taking Flight For The Year Ahead

Staying on top of social media trends will help unlock your full potential on popular social media platforms. By embracing new and emerging trends, while putting your unique spin on them, you can capture the attention of a wider audience and build meaningful connections that will propel your online presence to new heights. With the right mindset and strategies, Cape Business Online helps your business take flight and become a social media butterfly! For more information on our social media management services, please reach out to our team.