Email marketing is still relevant
Being a small business owner comes with a mountain of obstacles and stress on the path to success but with careful planning and proper marketing strategies, small businesses can thrive. The economic climate has never been as volatile as it is now, markets are crashing, trade wars are on the rise and the current COVID-19 crisis has brought about its own devastation for business owners and the global economy as a whole.
There is no doubt that businesses which are built on a solid platform of strategy and realistic planning processes will survive any downward trajectory in profits. Whilst working capital will be in the foremost of any owner’s mind, long-term strategies should not be overlooked. Long-term strategies such as SEO. Search engine optimisation enables a brand to be visible in local search results which are worth their weight in gold.
By leveraging the power of SEO, you can build brand awareness, encourage quality leads, increase conversion rates and beat your competitors in an online space. If those four aspects appeal to you then you are already half-way there. The next step would be to hire a reputable and experienced SEO agency who can take care of the 200 other odd technical aspects so you can indeed survive and thrive in a weak economy.
Any operating budget should include SEO, if you disagree, look at the facts below:
93% of all online journeys begin in a search engine.
Almost 80% of internet users do not click on paid ads in online searches.
46% of all Google searches are local searches.
52% of searches happen on mobile devices.
The more authoritative backlinks a website page contains, the more search traffic it receives from search engines.
Top ranking factors include website visits, time spent on webpages, page visits per session and bounce rate.
SEO is proven to be more effective than PPC (pay per click).
Organic traffic is seen as more valuable than paid for traffic.
Long-tail keyword searches have a higher click through rate than generic searches.
Google receives nearly 2.3 trillion searches a year.

The only way a small business can remain relevant and visible, is if they are able to compete for their share of the market online. If you want the competitive edge as a small business, speak to us about a SEO package suited to your needs. Visit our contact page here to get in touch.