Why SEM is not “set and forget”

Google Adwords (Ads) is a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or paid media strategy, proven to deliver instant results.  Financed on a pay-per-click basis, costs trigger upon each ad click.  Often compared to (and confused with) SEO, it differs on several levels, from effective cost per click, to conversion rate and much more.

The set up of Google Ads involves identifying target keywords, establishing a budget to target search and clicks on those keywords, curating advertising material and coordinating the approval process with Google before one’s ads are live.  But that’s not where it ends…….

The true power of Ads comes from analysing the data that Google provides to unlock insights, which is a step sometimes missed in the management of Google Ads. Let’s explain:

Imagine learning that 50% of your website traffic originates from mobile devices and that Ad conversions are higher for mobile than for desktop customers. And that of this mobile traffic, 40% turned into customers.  That would be helpful, right?


Following on from the above, the Google Ad strategy should be adjusted to deliver more ads to mobile customers and possibly increase the bid rate for mobile customers, right?


Visualise your website leads spiking after lunch daily – this insight should factor into the time that your ads are served or potentially increasing your daily budget to ensure funding remains for afternoon traffic, right?


Google Ads target a range of keywords, but it’s very possible that one keyword could produce the most clicks, but the least conversions. In this scenario, this keyword should be de-emphasized, or possibly removed completely to ensure budget is allocated to keywords more likely to attract a conversion, right?

With the rate of change on the digital marketing landscape, it is crucial to have a thorough understanding and knowledge of how to optimize results from SEM.  We have seen the value of data insights to improve traffic strategy, and how these synergize to deliver profitable growth. Rigorous analysis as part of the daily routine builds a competitive advantage on the market, generating more revenue from existing customers as well.  It’s a disciplined analysis that is required, where the analyst demonstrates consistent veracity in evaluating the Ad data.

At Cape Business Online, we analyse data on an ongoing basis so that we can adjust any strategy as necessary for maximum profitability for our customers.  If you are looking for a data-driven team to manage your Google Ads strategy, reach out to us.