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Is Your Website Being Dethroned?

Imagine your content as a king, wielding the power to attract, engage, and convert your audience. What happens if your king is weak? Poorly crafted, unoriginal content can quickly render your search engine optimisation efforts worthless. Before you know it, your digital kingdom is in ruins… In the realm of SEO, content isn’t just king — it’s the empire!

The Royal Rotten Apple: Backfiring Content

They said it online, so it must be true! Your business needs it all. Blogs, social media, newsletters – the works. Because that’s how you drive traffic to your website, get leads, and get business. But hold on a second. It isn’t as easy as it seemed…

This is a common train of thought that leads businesses to produce low-quality content because more must be better, right? Well, not quite. While ticking all these boxes for online content can promote your business, doing so with the least effort lacks impact and is usually more harmful. If oodles of content are created with zero return on traffic or leads, the chances are good that you have fallen into the trap of low-quality content. AKA content for the sake of content!

The Problem with Low-Quality Content

Once upon a time, your website was bustling, buzzing at the top of Google rankings. Your content was fresh, relevant, and engaging. You were the talk of the town, or rather, the talk of the internet. Then, something changed. The content became stale, repetitive, and lost its sparkle. And just like that, your website was dethroned, banished to the dreaded second page (or worse) of Google search results.

Unoriginal, outdated, or fluffy content isn’t just unappealing to your audience — it is hurting your SEO! The sophistication of Google’s algorithms makes it easy to weed out poor-quality content and penalise websites. This, mixed with other often under-optimised elements like slow page loading, and a lack of attention to user experience, can all lead to lower rankings.

What Makes Content Low-Quality?


Lack of originality


Grammatical errors


No logical flow


Outdated content


Incorrect statements

The Secret to Keeping Your Content King

What’s the secret to keeping your content king and maintaining your throne? Quality! Quality should be your guiding principle, whether outsourcing or creating content in-house. Original content that is compelling, informative, and unique is rewarded by Google’s algorithms with stellar rankings.

Ready To Be The King?

The harsh reality is that subpar content can significantly drag down your search engine rankings. It is not about avoiding grammatical errors or unoriginal writing – it is about setting a high bar for quality content and ensuring that every piece shared under your brand meets that standard.

Are you ready to raise the bar for your content? Investing in high-quality content isn’t just about improving your search engine optimisation – it’s about establishing credibility, engaging your audience, and driving action. For more information about how Cape Business Online can support your business’s online growth with quality content, reach out to our team.