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Web Design Trends for 2024

By staying on top of the latest web design trends, you will continuously impress your website visitors and succeed in retaining them on your website. We do not advocate blindly following fads, rather understanding best practices, and applying them appropriately to your site.

Here are the top design predictions for 2024:

Bento Grid Layouts

Discover the power of compartmentalized design and user-friendly grids that help visitors easily find what they need. With Apple’s endorsement and the integration into iOS, this trend is just getting started.

Fluid Layouts

Bid farewell to static designs and embrace fully scalable and fluid layouts. Your website will adapt seamlessly to different devices, providing a consistent user experience no matter the screen size.

AI-Generated Imagery

Get ready for a boom in AI-generated imagery that will revolutionize website design. As AI tools continue to improve, expect stunning visuals and endless creative possibilities.

Large Typographic Hero Images

Capture attention and create a lasting impression with oversized typography. This modern twist on the classic hero image will make your website memorable and visually striking.


Take a leap back in time to embrace the coolness of the 90s. Trends are unpredictable, and sometimes being cutting-edge means revisiting the past. Explore nostalgic design elements to add a unique touch to your website.


Enhance user engagement with subtle interactive elements that provide feedback and guide behaviour. From loading indicators to form validation, these animations will elevate your website’s user experience.

Bold and Custom Typography

Break free from the mundane and make a bold statement with impactful fonts. Stand out from the crowd by using custom typography creatively and complement it with animations and interactions.

Final thoughts
The trends set to dominate web design in 2024 are fun, interesting, and really exciting. We are looking forward to exploring these (and many more) in our designs for the coming year.

If you are planning a website design or redesign in the months ahead, feel free to reach out to our team for a quotation for your upcoming project.  We may be reached through our website.