Chasing potential new clients in the pursuit of revenue and growth often leaves room for business owners to forget their existing clients. It is just as essential to focus on existing clients’ needs and strive for repurchases as it is to gather new clients. Unlike grabbing new clients’ attention, customer loyalty requires additional marketing investment, including content marketing to help establish this deeper connection.

Our Ultimate Tips For Successful Content Marketing
Quality and Consistency

Your website is an extension of your business and brand. Every update you make to it, with quality content, counts towards improving its ranking on search engines and reconnecting with clients. In an online space, this content is also the primary communication your business has with customers. Through more content, you are afforded more opportunities to provide your clients with valuable experiences which will keep them coming back for more!

Utilise Analytics

Customer data that outlines insights for every part of your consumer’s journey allows you to construct a strategy to ensure that you connect with your clients in a balanced manner, to ensure that you aren’t providing too much or too little content. These insights also help your business structure a more personalised experience to further build customer connections.

Maintain Communication

Proactively keeping in touch with your clients has direct bearing on whether they will return to do business with you. Communication provides an avenue for you to upsell, engage and gain feedback. Doing this is crucial throughout the customer lifecycle.

Tap into Social Media

Nothing beats social media for building and maintaining constant communication with your followers in a non-intrusive manner. Social media is a powerful tool for engaging with your client base, from highlighting new products to providing useful and relevant tips. This engagement can nurture meaningful connections that help solidify brand loyalty – which is why your business should embrace it!

Seek Feedback

Building a customer community and keeping it at the core of your business strategy is easy with some minor adjustments, such as requesting feedback from your clients after they interact with your business. This feedback is valuable to perfect your products and services and can be used to show potential clients that your business values their opinions.

Be Everywhere

If your business is not embracing the perks of digital marketing, it’s missing out. Nowadays, if your clients can’t find you online and easily interact with you in this space, their loyalty is more likely to shift to a competitor. Being everywhere your customers are, from Facebook to YouTube, will make a world of difference to customer loyalty. When used correctly, content marketing can be the difference your business needs to build and maintain trust with your audience.

If you are interested in establishing a targeted content marketing strategy, we can assist. The team at Cape Business Online offers a range of digital marketing services to help you maintain and grow your brand with new and existing clientele.

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