Stopping my SEO can’t be that bad, right?

We often find that businesses look to stop and start their search engine optimisation services where they feel it suits their budget because taking a break shouldn’t do any harm, right? But unfortunately, the truth is that once a website starts rolling downhill, it’s difficult to stop it, and the fastest way to go downhill is by halting the SEO efforts that were a part of pushing it up…

The Domino Effect

Stopping the momentum that builds your website SEO can mean many things because SEO is just that: many things! This process involves balancing various aspects to create the optimal environment for growing credibility in Google’s eyes (which is what provides the sought-after rankings).

When you stop posting optimised content…

Halting content creation for your website can throw up a bunch of red flags on Google’s radar. The only thing worse is continuing with creation that isn’t optimised to SEO standards, as your previous content has been. SEO content is strategically created to help your website hit signals that associate you with keywords useful to your business. With fewer targeted keywords, ranking and new traffic will begin to slip.

Similarly, content helps create new incoming and outgoing links. Without these, your website’s credibility can weaken and, as a result, capturing new website visitors will become more difficult. As the ripple continues, fewer website visitors will also impact the number of incoming inquiry forms for your products or services.

When you let go of technical strategies…

Anyone with website management experience can tell you that sometimes things break without a real reason. This means that technical SEO issues can pop up constantly, which is why experts stay consistent in fixing them as they appear. When these aspects aren’t monitored, your website is at risk of degradation.

Maintaining technical standards is important to ensure your website continues to flourish in rankings. Staying technically correct to all new online developments gives you major brownie points in Google’s eyes, which can positively impact your rankings, while neglecting them will cause plenty of negative impacts down the line.

When you aren’t keeping pages up to date…

It’s incredible what a simple page update can do for your website’s impressions and rankings. Refreshing content, adding relevant FAQs, adding new credible links, updating old information, adding schema, and various other tasks can improve a page’s standing up to 30%! However, when these ‘refreshers’ aren’t completed, your website is at risk of falling behind competitors who are.

Another aspect to consider when staying up to date is your keyword strategy. As vital as keywords are, they are vulnerable to change over time. When new pages aren’t being created to keep up with the changing market, your business is missing out on the traffic of hundreds of new potential clients – simply for not staying relevant.

It’s not the time for stopping!

Search engine optimisation is a huge asset for improving your business’s growth. These strategies are crucial for online performance, which means that to maintain consistent online growth, stopping them is not the best route to follow.

Stopping your SEO and the various aspects that work hand in hand with it can push you to lose your competitive advantage. The team at Cape Business Online are specialists in all things SEO. We believe in informed and data-driven digital marketing decisions, which is what we help our clients maintain. Please feel free to reach out to our team for more information.