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Finding your SEO Superhero

We get it. SEO can be a confusing nut to crack. Even the name ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ has the potential to sound utterly French to anyone slightly unfamiliar with the digital world. So, how are you supposed to suss out who the true superheroes are when you don’t understand their powers?
This time around, you don’t need to be the hero… Our experts have decided to lend their knowledge so that you are not left guessing!

SEO Powers to be on the lookout for…

Partnering with an SEO professional is a big deal. SEO services have the potential to propel your business’s online visibility to increase brand awareness, build quality lead generation and keep you ahead of competitors. Like we said: a BIG deal! Definitely not something you should leave to chance.

Here are some of the top skills to tick off your SEO partner’s checklist:


They’re a proven saviour

What good is a superhero that hasn’t used their powers for good? Surely a proven repertoire will only work in their favour… No-nonsense SEO experts will be all too pleased to share their success stories. Better yet, they will pass on references to businesses that have been rescued with their services.


They’re not a newbie

Fresh does not always cut it in the SEO world. Much like with superheroes, the SEO experts who have been around (and had time to grow their skills) will always be preferred. SEO is also a bit of a time game, meaning that the longer they have stood by their clients, the better. When partnering with an SEO expert, check in on their client track record to assess the longevity of their professional relationships.


They have a few magical qualities

Magic doesn’t make a superhero… But it sure does help! Your SEO partner should have a special skill for understanding your business. After all, how will they support your goals if they don’t understand what makes your business sing?

Don’t settle for less than the best

Are we really going to choose Squirrel Girl for your SEO services when Iron Man is an option? If you’re asking yourself, “Who is Squirrel Girl?” don’t worry, we don’t know either – which is the answer itself!