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PHP 8.0 Upgrade Incoming!

Have you recently received an email regarding your website’s upcoming PHP 8.0 upgrade? We are here to spread the good news! All clients hosted with Cape Business Online can rest assured that their website will soon be upgraded to PHP 8.0 without lifting a finger.

Everything to know about the PHP 8.0 update

Why is this upgrade occurring?

The ongoing security updates for older PHP versions have come to an end. As a result, upgrading PHP 8.0 is necessary to keep your website protected with the highest level of security.

How will this upgrade impact me?
The upgrade will affect all customers currently using PHP 7.4. This version will be automatically updated after the 3rd of October.
What will this
cost me?

This automatic programming update will not incur additional costs as this service forms part of our hosting service for our SEO clients.

What are the benefits of PHP 8.0?

This latest PHP update includes many new features and optimisations to improve your website’s performance. This includes named arguments, constructor property promotion, attributes, union types, null safe operator, match expression, JIT, and type system improvements, including error handling and consistency.

What our clients need to know

SEO clients who currently have their website hosted by Cape Business Online will not have to do anything! Our team strives to keep our client’s website running smoothly and to the best of its ability by having this PHP 8.0 upgrade occur automatically as part of our SEO service to you.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this update, please contact our team.