A Passion For Elegance

Jacoba Clothing was born from a dream to make all women feel beautiful, elegant and feminine – no matter their shape or size. The belief that everyone should enjoy a simple process when finding a dress for a special occasion propelled this brand forward.

Today their team, led by founder and owner Anna Nel, concentrates their passion for creating elegant, timeless and versatile evening dresses for every occasion. Their stunning designs include a range of styles and colour choices to suit all preferences, allowing them to offer their clients dresses that they truly adore!

Drawing the Pattern For Their Online Success

When your business has the fundamentals of a truly exceptional product, there’s no holding back its success, which was certainly the case for Jacoba Clothing – all they needed was a helping hand to refine their path to inevitable success…

Their problem began online: They had a fantastic product that their target consumers were bound to love but did not have the correct online marketing infrastructure. Despite their brand’s clear competitive edge, they were not appearing in online search results, which meant their product was not being found.

A Website Dressed to the Nines!

When we first met with Jacoba Clothing, they had already secured a website and had the goal of establishing an ecommerce platform. However, their existing website was not geared up to compete amongst their competitors in Google search rankings.

Our team understood the importance of offering a financially viable solution to their business, which is why we formulated a game plan for a phased approach to refining Jacoba Clothing’s online presence. In November of 2017, our team rebuilt their website and primed it for the implementation of SEO strategies to get their products in front of potential clients. The redesign gave their business a much needed push that allowed them to liquidate the cost of the website construction in just two months!

As a result, in January 2018, we were contracted for comprehensive SEO services and not long after, we were able to help fulfil their goal of opening online sales.

“CBOL (Cape Business Online) put us on the online map! We went from page 12 to page 1 after employing their services for SEO, and they have been brilliant at helping us with Google Shopping Campaigns. We went from no online presence or sales to online sales being 20% of our annual turnover. They are a wonderful team to work with and always on standby if you have a query or question!”
Anna Nel, Owner of Jacoba Clothing.

By positioning the website on page #1 of Google search results in their industry, foot traffic to the retail store grew, as did sales.  With a higher volume of inbound orders, the business was able to enjoy a higher level of cash flow ahead of production, with an increased level of production funded by cash for orders placed.  The result?  Lower levels of net working capital required to sustain the business, with surplus cash available for deployment elsewhere. 

Since the inception of a uniquely structured SEO strategy and an online shop, Jacoba Clothing has enjoyed incredible business growth that supported their move to a new, more suited physical location and given them a glowing online reputation!

How to connect with Jacoba Clothing

If you are interested in connecting with Jacoba Clothing or taking a closer look at their beautiful creations, feel free to visit their website.

Alternatively, keep up with them on Facebook or Instagram.