Why Facebook is an advertising powerhouse

The Land of Reviews

Online reviews are taking over, one star at a time… Whether you’ve seen or left them, we are sure you have been exposed to a review in some capacity! From Google to Facebook, TripAdvisor and many more, they are what guide our opinions over new businesses and influence our decision to do business with a company or not.

Let’s Recap: What are Google Reviews?

When searching for a business online, most of us stumble onto a nifty auto-generated business card by Google. This card is within the Google My Business framework, and displays primary business information, such as contact details and trading hours, to make it easier for searchers to access the answers they are searching for.

The real star (no pun intended) of these cards is their review features. Google reviews is contained within a business’ Google My Business profile, and it’s where customers can rate businesses on a 1-to-5-star scale, indicating poor or excellent service. The nature of these reviews, and their authoring from real-life customers, make them a critical factor for demonstrating the likely service level that a new customer might expect in doing business with you.

Happy Customers = High Reviews

As the indicator of your business’s service, you can see why gathering 5-star reviews is so critical! The most impactful way to do this, is by following through on your customer promise. Keeping your standards high, and continuously delivering out-of-this-world service, will go a long way in encouraging great reviews of your business, thereby pushing your online reputation into the spotlight.

Google is smarter than we realise… These reviews are not only critical for showing potential clients you are whom they need, but they also have an impact on your local SEO efforts! Maintaining high Google reviews is also key for maintaining good organic search rankings and ensuring a great return on your investment in SEO services.

Quick Tips

Taking pride in your work is a large part of encouraging positive reviews. After all, you cannot give customers lousy service and expect raving recommendations! Here is how else you can attract top-notch reviews:


Make sure your GMB profile is up to date

First thing is first: The Google generated business card, also known as your Google My Business profile, needs to be up and running to collect reviews. Make sure your business’s online information is correct and up to date!


Encourage real-life customers

The reviews you receive will be from real-life customers who have been to your business before. So, naturally, the best place to start looking for Google reviews is with your existing customers! Make it a habit to ask happy customers to share their opinions of your business.


Keep up engagement

All good things last longer with TLC. That is why once your profile is there and the reviews steadily flow in, it’s important to remember the maintenance! Respond to customer reviews (the good and the bad) and thank those who have detailed their positive experience.

If you have not already tapped into the power of Google reviews, there is no better time than now! For more information about how Cape Business Online can strengthen your online presence with SEO services, please get in touch.