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A passion for the open road…

Embracing an adventurous spirit is what Makani is all about. As enthusiastic motorcyclists, the desire to combine this passion with a new sense of adventure is what led the team at Makani on their journey to offering Harley Davidson rentals and tours across the Western Cape.

Their team takes pride in offering a unique experience to every client. As a result, their dedication to creating lasting memories of exploration on the open road has allowed them to offer clients comprehensive tours that package the superb mix of fun, adventure and awesome memories. As locals, the Makani team has insight into all the hidden gems Cape Town has to offer and can provide great advice to ensure their customers have the ultimate riding experience.

In addition to renting out a range of their favourite Harley Davidsons, Makani offers various tours that explore everything from famous locations in the Cape to the glory of the Garden Route! For those interested in creating their own trip, their team can assist in creating a unique, once in a lifetime tour route. With the option of chauffeured trips, even those who do not have a motorbike license can enjoy the Makani experience!

Makani’s online journey with our team

Rather than rely on the seasonal influx of visitors to the Cape, Makani sought to secure a steady flow of inquiries through their website, which had to date not materialized.  We were approached in early 2019, retained by Dave and Yvonne and their journey into SEO kicked off.  The inception of this relationship pivoted their business revenue by 320% in just one year!

We recently checked in with Dave Bansemer, owner of Makani, to detail his experience with our team.

“Despite travel restrictions, this has been our busiest season yet, with both local and international clients. I can only attribute that to CBOL (Cape Business Online) ensuring that we are on page 1 on search engines and the excellent Facebook marketing campaigns!”

Dave highlighted how, despite the cancellations they experienced due to the pandemic, their 2021 sales still showed encouraging growth compared to previous years. As the hospitality and tourism sectors open more, Makani begins to truly experience the benefits of their enhanced online presence. With just one short month into the new year, their 2022 bookings have exceeded the annual bookings of 2016, 2017 and 2018!

Dave shares how Makani’s new and growing client base is finding them, “It is mainly from the website, which CBOL took from obscurity to page 1 on the search engines”. Makani now enjoys consistent inbound enquiries, improved revenue, and a comprehensive online presence through dedicated SEO and accompanying social media marketing!

Adventure awaits…

The beautiful scenery of South Africa, and specifically Cape Town, is one of the most breath-taking in the world. From ocean views to scenic mountain passes, the city truly has everything to entertain the adventurous.

With tours intended to highlight the best each location has to offer, Harley’s designed to leave the heart thumping with exhilaration and a team that truly loves what they do, Makani never disappoints! Embrace diverse scenery with the Makani locals and enjoy the ultimate riding experience. If you are interested in booking an adventure with Makani, it’s as easy as visiting their website.

Don’t forget – Makani offers completely chauffeured trips for those without bike licenses (or those who would like to enjoy a Harley without riding themselves). Their professional chauffeurs guarantee a ride of a lifetime and can set you up with all the riding accessories you may need. 

How to connect with Makani

If you are interested in connecting with Makani or learning more about them, feel free to visit their website.

Alternatively, keep up with them on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.