Why Facebook is an advertising powerhouse

Reading this on a mobile phone?

The chances are incredibly high that you are reading this on a mobile phone. With 77.6% of all internet browsing in South Africa happening via a mobile device, it’s not hard to see how mobile SEO has become not only important but a necessity. How else will you reach three-quarters of our country’s online population?

What does it mean to be mobile-friendly?

A mobile-friendly website should have a design suitable for shifting and be user-friendly across any device. If your website is able to adjust itself according to the screen’s resolution and rotations – you’re halfway there! Mobile friendliness also ensures responsiveness across these resolutions and helps ensure everyone who lands on your website, irrespective of their device, can navigate and use it.

Are You Checking the Mobile-friendly Boxes?

There are a few key signs to consider when assessing whether your website is or is not mobile-friendly. Besides ensuring your content is easily viewable and accessible on all screens, your website’s mobile loading time should be optimised. Additionally, all active buttons or forms should be tested for functionality on a touchscreen device.

PRO TIP: Did you know that Google (the big boss who decides where your website is actually user-friendly) has a tool for users to have their URL analyses for mobile friendliness?

Common errors that impact mobile friendliness include:


Slow loading pages


Incorrect redirection



404 Errors


Incorrect cross-links


Blocked JavaScript, CSS and image files

Oh no! My Boxes Aren’t Checked!

Whether you’ve tested it out or have just noticed a few wonky images or unclickable buttons, it is probably a sign that your website needs some real TLC to get its mobile-friendliness up to standard. Making impactful changes to create a user-friendly website is one of the things Cape Business Online does best. We execute mobile SEO to ensure your website functions perfectly across all devices. Contact our team to discuss your website needs.