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Understanding Google’s Core…

Have you ever been baffled by a sudden drop in your website’s traffic? The culprit behind these mysterious dips is often none other than Google’s core updates. Google’s core updates are changes made to its ranking algorithm designed to enhance the quality of search results. These adjustments can drastically impact the visibility of indexed web pages by altering the algorithm used to rank them. Google’s latest Core Update, completed in August 2023, brought a slew of changes that have left many businesses scrambling to decode their implications and adjust their strategies. Let’s unravel the mystery of maintaining robust SEO, even in the face of Google’s ever-evolving algorithms.

The Impact on SEO

We can imagine how major updates to Google’s algorithm might impact your website’s traffic. The underlying goal of search engine optimisation (SEO) is to make website amendments that support its favourability by Google’s ranking algorithm – hence improving traffic. So, when this algorithm changes, your rankings can too. While Google conducts minor updates often, core updates are more significant and less frequent. With them, the time and energy spent optimising can be nullified, leading to a dip in rankings.

A dip in rankings could mean less traffic, fewer leads, and fewer conversions for your business. SEO’ers shouldn’t just react to core updates; they should proactively strategise! Staying ahead of Google’s changes and adapting swiftly to ensure your website maintains its visibility and ranking is essential.

How To Keep SEO Stable

The first step is always awareness! Due to the large impact core updates typically have, Google announces their intention to roll out these changes. They often also detail what the purpose of the update is, which allows SEO’ers to prepare or prevent possible dips. There are, however, always a few key strategies to follow to keep your website in line, with or without upcoming core updates.

Monitoring and Analysis

SEO isn’t just a set it and forget it. Ongoing SEO monitoring and analysis that involves keeping a close eye on website performance and incoming algorithm changes helps anticipate and mitigate potential impacts before they hit.

Relevant Content

Google loves high-quality, relevant content. Only the best content – engaging, informative, and tailored to your audience’s needs – will earn a spot on the first page. Creating and optimising content will help your website shine in Google’s eyes.

Technical Optimisation

Content isn’t the only piece of the puzzle. Technical SEO is vital for surviving core updates. From website speed to mobile optimisation, various behind-the-scenes factors play a huge role in your website’s ranking.

Are you prepared for Google’s Core Updates?

Staying one step ahead is not just an option; it’s a necessity! Google rolls out multiple updates annually, and while most of these are minor, the occasional core update can really shake things up. Is your website equipped to survive these changes? Or are you just hoping for the best?

Hope is not a strategy—not when it comes to SEO.
At Cape Business Online, we take a proactive approach to search engine optimisation to ensure that our client’s websites maintain visibility and rankings, no matter what Google throws at them. Contact us today for a comprehensive SEO strategy that doesn’t just survive Google’s core updates but thrives amidst them.