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Buckle Up!

Still ignoring mobile SEO? The biggest cherry on our cake will be if you answered yes while reading this from your smartphone… In a world where people spend more time on their phones than with their own families, optimising your website for mobile search is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

In the 12 months from February 2022 to 2023, South Africa now boasts a staggering 77.6% of search traffic originating from mobile devices, with desktop and tablet comprising the balance (Statcounter).

Trust us; you don’t want to be the website that makes people squint, pinch their screens, and promptly leave when they decide your business isn’t worth the effort. So, buckle up and get ready to learn the basics of mobile SEO and why it is crucial in your business’s digital marketing landscape.

A Guru’s Guide to the Mobile SEO Galaxy

WHAT is it?

Mobile SEO is like a personal trainer for the mobile version of your website – it helps get it in shape and perform better on mobile devices. Just like how you wouldn’t wear high heels to run a marathon (unless you’re into that kind of thing), you can’t expect your desktop website to work seamlessly on a modern mobile phone screen without some modifications. Mobile SEO involves optimising your website’s content, layout, and structure to make it as user-friendly and accessible on mobile devices, as it is on your desktop website version.

WHO needs Mobile SEO?

If you are aiming for happy website visitors (which, let’s be honest, we all are), then mobile SEO is for you. Unless you’re running a secret underground hideout that only a select few can access through a desktop computer, chances are most of your traffic comes from mobile devices. And if you’re thinking, “But my website looks just fine on my phone,” think again! Your eyes may have adjusted to the small text and microscopic buttons, but your users haven’t. To keep the bounce rate away from “kangaroo on a trampoline” status, it’s time to prioritise your mobile SEO.

WHEN do you implement mobile SEO?

When should you start implementing mobile SEO? Yesterday. Maybe even the day before yesterday… If your website is still stuck in the desktop-only era, it is time to get up and get on with it! With more and more people relying on their mobile devices to browse the web, you can’t afford to ignore mobile SEO any longer.

WHY is mobile SEO so important?

Smartphone users are doing everything from searching for cat videos to digging for car insurance quotes – meaning having a website optimised for mobile devices is necessary. It can be like a superpower for your business, letting you reach your audience anytime, anywhere.

Don’t be left in the digital dust with a website that is as responsive as a brick – embrace the power of mobile SEO and watch your traffic soar. Cape Business Online can help you use mobile SEO armour to start conquering the digital landscape. Get in touch with us today.