Are you sick of empty promises and zero performance improvement from your SEO provider? If so, it’s probably time to say farewell.

SEO isn’t a one hundred to one, overnight game. It takes skill, thoughtful strategies and time. Despite this, SEO services should provide you with evidence for performance improvements based on the outlined objective metric for your strategy.

Here’s when it’s time to rethink the appointment of your SEO provider
They don’t have access to your online analytics

The golden rule for any SEO company should be gaining access to your company’s analytics and advertising platforms – after all, how would they help you improve these analytics without knowing what they are?

This access typically includes access to the Google Business, Google Search Console and Google Analytics linked to your business’s website. It provides them with crucial information for reporting, metrics and decision making.


When seeking to employ an SEO company, the first thing you can expect is an audit covering the current technical analytics of your website. If you don’t receive this, something’s up.

This audit provides valuable insight for your SEO specialists to outline goals and priorities for immediate action moving forward. Once you’ve gotten started, monthly reporting should be given to show you their progress.

They aren’t providing new website content

One of the most critical factors for ranking well is maintained quality, SEO geared content. Your website’s content should be well-written, enhance user experience and answer questions your potential clients have. This content can be used tactfully to target new keywords, which will help you target a broader audience. Hence, if your SEO company hasn’t made an effort to update or provide content for your website, they aren’t fulfilling this crucial step.

They are only targeting high volume keywords

Targeting keywords for your website involves commercial understanding to ensure that what you are selecting is suitable. For example, only selecting keywords with high volumes may improve your overall traffic but not necessarily result in quality leads.

Chasing vanity metrics leaves little room for keywords that will generate sales. Your SEO company should be reporting and focusing on various topics that consider demographics, the average click-through rate, average time spent on page and more.

Your SEO specialists aren’t interested in your products or what you do…

You know your business best – your SEO company should know that and seek you out for more information about your products and services. Without this deeper understanding of what makes your business unique, your SEO specialists will miss a crucial mark when targeting keywords and creating content that suits your brand.

‘Too good to
be true’ pricing

Usually, if something seems to be too good to be true – it is! This principle is equally true with SEO services. A company that offers lower prices and claims to not cut corners, does not truly understand the long-term goals and values of SEO.

Your digital marketing company should have your business’s long-term growth in mind. As a result, instead of focusing on the cost, they prioritise the long term value and ROI they will offer your business through customised strategies.

They don’t outline a clear plan

An SEO agency that hasn’t outlined a comprehensive plan to meet the unique needs of your business doesn’t have your best interests in mind. Strategic planning is essential in SEO to ensure you end up where you want to be.

Very little

With the fast pace of daily life, no one is a stranger to a busy day, and SEO companies are not the exception. However, regular communication should still be a critical part of your professional relationship. Through reporting, meetings and email check-ins, your SEO company should ensure that you are on the same page of where your website currently sits.

They don’t know or understand your target audience

The main goal of SEO is to drive your website to potential clients. If your SEO company doesn’t understand your customer avatar – how will they achieve this? The roadmap your SEO company follows should be well mapped for long term success.

If your SEO company has given you any red flags, it’s time to move on. Our team of specialists includes experienced SEO gurus and creatives to ensure that your website meets everything we outline to make it number one. We ensure comprehensive strategic planning that keeps your business at the core to accurately target your potential clients.

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