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Brand awareness is one of several foundation goals in building a brand and is a core focus area for any modern marketer. It denotes the level of understanding and familiarity consumers have with a business and its service offering. This can expand from a slight recognition to remembering and actively supporting the brand as one of your favourites. In the SEO world, a brand aware consumer has been shown to favour familiar brands in organic search results.

Marketers achieve brand awareness through an array of tools in their arsenal, one of the most effective being content marketing. Successful marketers have depended on the power of content marketing to generate leads and drive targeted traffic to their websites for years. Those that are successful in their content strategies are consistent and creative, creating a following that is brand aware, engaged and interested in “what is to follow next”. Apart from impact on click through rates, a strategy whose impact is to consistently add fresh website content has immeasurable value in SEO terms.

A successful content marketing strategy will:

  • Attract a new following on social media platforms
  • Generate website traffic
  • Help establish strategic partnerships
  • Create high-authority backlinks
  • Boost customer retention

Getting started | 5 Steps to Success

#1 Research, research, research
Before creating content for your potential clients, it is crucial to understand your target market! Without doing this, you risk creating content for the wrong audience. This type of research has become considerably easier with existing tools, such as those for creating and distributing surveys.
Once you have collected your research, you will be able to chart and better relate to your ideal consumer, and position yourself to begin to create suitable content to draw that consumer’s attention.
#2 Identify your wow factor
To make your brand stand out amongst competitors, it is important to identify what makes your business and its services or products unique. What does your brand bring to the market? This could be anything from newly innovated solutions to more affordable options. Whatever your wow factor is, understanding and highlighting it will communicate your value to your target market. This unique selling proposition (USP) will be the foundation of all content marketing efforts to set you apart from competitors!
#3 Create “search worthy” content
Well created website content will help you appear in search results with the assistance of a clear SEO strategy to market your brand in a non-intrusive manner. Be creative in your writing or secure the services of a creative writer to produce material that will be read with interest.
#4 Partner strategically
Although in-person networking can assist with establishing partnerships, the process is slower than building a relationship with a recognised business. Building your brand often requires strategic partnerships to enhance the trust of your brand. Tapping into the audience of already established brands affords access to new potential clients that are more likely to put their trust in your business based on their trust in your partner.
#5 Diversify your content creation
When first starting, it may be considerably more challenging to determine which platforms will best suit the needs of your business in terms of brand appropriateness and audience reach. This makes diversifying your content strategy a key element in determining what will work best for your brand. There are endless ways to market your brand with a host of platforms and content forms – from social media campaigns and blogs to video content.
With time, insights from your content efforts to date will reveal the winners and losers of the strategy, and therefore clarify what content topics to you should continue and drive for future growth. Monitor the reaction of your customers to your material, aim to identify material that is more read-worthy and then it’s a simple case of repeating what works best and refining your strategy.
Final thought…. Nobody strikes gold from digging one hole. Like any other relationship, building a lasting relationship with your content customer takes time, effort and nurturing. Be prepared to invest time into your content and produce material that is informative, helpful and fun to read. After all, you are taking up somebody’s time to read the material – it needs to be worth their time!

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