10 years of SEO success for Magnador

April 2024 is a milestone for the Cape Business Online team, we are delighted to be celebrating 10 years as digital marketers for Magnador – South African market leader in security barriers. In existence since 1992, the Magnador brand is synonymous with engineered-to-last security and burglar-proofing products.  It is a proudly family-owned and operated business, with its head office in Cape Town, branches in Johannesburg and Durban and agents across the country. 

Since 2014, we have served Magnador’s digital marketing needs, specifically the disciplines of SEO and management of Google Paid Ads.

We share our journey, shedding light on the triggers that lead to our appointment and the impact that it’s had on the Magnador business.  Our aim is to show that a modern solution is readily available to the lead generation problems that plague many businesses.

Magnador lead generation problems.

Prior to our appointment, Magnador’s sales team had relied on traditional sales techniques and methods to generate new business.  These included:

  • Cold calling.
  • Servicing leads from print advertising initiatives.
  • Repeat business from former Magnador customers.
  • Referrals from various networks.
  • Online leads from Google Ads and SEO initiatives.

The sources of all new business committed was tracked to assess the ROI of each new business channel.  Leads from online sources, particularly SEO, were consistently low in volume.

At the time of our first meeting, the renewal of the digital marketing contract for Magnador was under discussion with our predecessors. Amid concerns over impact of the current digital marketing team, as evidenced by poor levels of leads generated, a possible alternative service provider was under consideration.

Recognizing the need to change the SEO team.

Our predecessor SEO team had been engaged for the Magnador account for some time prior to our introduction to the business owners.  Sufficient time had expired under the agreement for Magnador’s Google rankings to be dominating the security industry.  It was not the case, however.  On the most important keyword dominating search in the security industry, Magnador ranked #68 (bottom of page #7 of a Google search).  In fact, Magnador did not rank on the first page of a Google search on any keyword in the industry, other than on the brand name itself. 

Our research ahead of meeting with the business owner concentrated on answering two simple questions:

  • What was the value of Google searches per month across the top keywords of the security industry?
  • What likelihood did Magnador have of appearing on page #1 of a Google search for any of the search words or phrases in question.

Thanks to the crime levels in the country, our research proved that significant volumes of Google searches for the security industry existed, but Magnador’s poor Google presence would not place them in the first 6 pages of those search results. 

“Where Google search behaviours have come to inform our purchasing decisions, being dominant in search results is key to winning the customer click online. If the online search volume demonstrates that there is substantial economic demand for your product or service, you want your business to be on page #1 of a related Google search result because over 90% of all clicks in the search result will not go beyond the first page!”

– Rob Haupt, SEO & Technical Director, Cape Business Online.

In answering the two questions above, Magnador realized that it had a serious problem – not only was it competing in a high-demand industry online, but it was also not an option on the first page of the search result. Revealing this as a key insight was pivotal to winning a vote from the family, but presenting a strategy to address and resolve this would prove to be our winning move.

The business owner appointed us on 22 April 2014 and within 6 months, Magnador was dominating page #1 Google search results. Customer conversations changed from cold calling to servicing of qualified leads, with conversions growing by the month.  Instead of striking up a conversation with a customer who may not be interested in a security solution, the customer conversation now concentrated on a website enquiry from the customer directly.  Any experienced salesperson knows how difficult it is to convert business from a cold call.  Speaking to a customer that wants a security solution, however, is a different conversation entirely.

How we addressed Magnador’s online lead generation

In a nutshell, here’s what we did for Magnador to grow their business from online search sources:


Listen to the family, hear and understand their problem.


Analyse the available data to identify opportunities for Magnador to source quality online leads effortlessly, by being on page #1 organic results of a Google search.


Develop and implement a grounded strategy to take Magnador to #1 in Google organic search results.


Align the Google ads strategy to the organic strategy.


Aggressively manage our positions to ensure Magnador maintains its online dominance.

Where the rubber hit the tar for Magnador, was cost.  The cost of our services was significantly below that of their historically most trusted print campaigns, and consistently delivered returns well in excess of any prior campaign.

It’s here that the biggest takeout lies in Magnador’s digital marketing journey, the realization that the work that we have performed for Magnador did not cost more than what they were already doing. It in fact cost less, worked better, delivering substantially higher ROI than any other marketing channel.

Let’s talk impact

In their own words, here’s Magnador’s account of the impact that we have had, reproduced with permission from Peter (Jnr) and Michael Bresler:


“We’ve achieved first page presence on Google in a highly competitive environment.”

Where over 90% of clicks from a Google search do not go beyond page #1 of the search result, being on page 1 is pivotal to winning the customer click.


“Appearing No.1 on almost all keywords we are tracking.”

Roughly 70% of all clicks in a Google search are centred on the first 3 organic search results. Being #1 matters to winning the customer click.


“Close to 90% average visibility across all keywords compared to our competitors.”

This speaks to the dominance of the Magnador brand in Google search.


“Managing our Google ads account, achieving a reduction in CPC.”

Hats off to our team, this is a feat to be proud of – improving Magnador’s CPC ROI in an extremely competitive industry.


“Assisted in building our website to be viewed by Google as “the experts” in the field.”

Holding the #1 place in Google search on the top keyword in the industry for close to 10 years is certainly a result to be celebrated.


“Assisted in developing and implementing our digital marketing strategy over the years with success.”

Constantly adapting to the industry and evolving in that journey, our SEO has proven itself as a truly fluid process.

Grateful for Magnador’s business

“For a start-up SEO agency, the value in saying that the likes of a Magnador had entrusted their SEO in our hands has been priceless. This is a company that had been in business for many years prior to appointing us, and certainly had the experience, expertise and (frankly!) the street smarts to assess whether we were up for the task. While it’s been a feather in our caps to call Magnador a client for a decade, what matters most is the positive impact that this journey has had on the Magnador business.”

– Lynn Haupt, Director – Cape Business Online.

Many businesses both in South Africa and abroad, find themselves in a position like that of Magnador.  Although the business owner may not recognize that a solution exists, they will know that they have a problem like Magnador had, and that it’s hurting their business.

The Cape Business Online Magnador story is testament to what is achievable when an SEO team understands the client’s challenges, can construct, and implement a grounded strategy to solve them, and the client trusts them to do just that.  It’s been a pleasure and an honour to be of service to Magnador and we hope to count down the next decade together.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds – here’s to the next 10 years!