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Signage like no other

Whether you are off to work or out to run errands, there is one thing we can guarantee you’ll see: vehicles! From owning them to utilising public transport, cars, busses, trucks and everything in between make it into our eye line every day. This is why vehicle branding is such a popular and versatile marketing tool for your business and why the leading signage experts want to help you get it.

Signarama is the world’s largest signage provider and a leader in South Africa’s signage industry. With over 40 stores nationwide, their teams have everything needed to provide comprehensive solutions – from the initial design to the final installation.

But wait, there’s more 😉…

These industry experts have a true passion for creating quality signage and assisting businesses in achieving their marketing and branding goals. In stride with this, Signarama is proud to host another edition of their Rev Up and Win competition to award one lucky business with R25 000 towards their vehicle signage dreams. Through vehicle wraps, lettering and one-way signage, they create impactful visuals that communicate your brand’s message to increase your reach and improve lead generation.

Benefits to look forward to with vehicle branding:

High ROI

Quality lead generation
Build brand credibility
Reach customers 24/7
More about Rev Up and Win

The Rev Up and Win competition was born from the desire to assist small to medium-sized businesses in a post-Covid world through marketing that will bring positive results. This mission is carried through all Signarama franchises. They continuously strive to help businesses thrive throughout unstable economic climates by creating quality, lasting signage solutions at affordable prices. Each signage project undergoes strict quality control to ensure that the result will drive business growth and provide a measurable return on investment.

The passion for their industry and vision for benefiting communities across the country is only one of the many reasons the team at Cape Business Online enjoys working alongside Signarama. As a brand synonymous with innovation, our team is thrilled to provide them with various digital marketing and advertising services to support their goals and their status as the best in the industry.

The time to enter is… NOW!

Signarama can assist with the branding of any vehicle, from cars to boats and absolutely everything in between. Their professional teams assist with branding single vehicles and entire fleets, depending on the needs of your business. Their national reach allows them to help on even the biggest of projects to yield cohesive results no matter where in the country your vehicles are based – which is what they achieved for wireless internet service provider, Herotel. Check out how Signarama pulled off this project and branded over 100 vehicles nationwide here.

Give your business the chance to benefit from Signarama’s outstanding vehicle branding by entering at https://www.signarama.co.za/ before the 31st of May 2022 for a chance to win!