Why agencies cannot utilise images sent over WhatsApp

Digital citizen attention span is at an all-time premium! In the sea of online media noise, you have to ensure your content is magical, alluring, and exciting. Content that matters is the name of the game and is the driving force behind most successful digital marketing campaigns. From your website design and copy to your social media posts and email marketing – it is important to ensure that your content is relevant, professional, optimised and aligns with your SEO strategy.

If you don’t yet have a content strategy in place, here’s why you need to have it:

Content marketing builds trust

As potential customers read your content, their opinion develops of your brand.  If your content is engaging, educational and valuable, they will believe that of your business.  The more value that you impart in your content, the easier it becomes to build trust with your readers.  With regular content updates, shared across multiple platforms, it also positions you in the eyes of the customer, as an industry thought leader.

Quality content is a conversion influencer

Quality content that aims to connect with, educate and build relationships with your customers, is the content that will ultimately influence their buying decision. Whether their buying decision lies in brand loyalty or actual sales, content marketing does the job. Ensure your message is clear so that consumers know what is expected from them in terms of the next step to take.

Content that is optimised is great for SEO

Without great content, SEO success is difficult to attain. If you build content that is specifically optimised for the user and search engines, your brand will enjoy better leads and better SEO success. Provide valuable content that users want, such as regular blog posts that contain helpful insights for your customer.

Cost-effective method of lead generation

Effective content marketing is an affordable and effective method of garnering leads. Studies have shown that content marketing produces three times as many leads as paid search ads, including Google Ads. The ROI is undeniable, especially for small businesses.

How we help our customers’ in their content marketing strategies | We carefully create and design our content based on the following guiding principles:
  • Material is produced based on detailed research.
  • The final product is error-free.
  • Copy aligns with the brand.
  • Content promotes a call to action and the client’s vision.
  • SEO principles underscore our product.

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