Why Facebook is an advertising powerhouse

First impressions are EVERYTHING

First impressions are incredibly important. They are formed quickly (often within seconds) and can have a lifetime impact on our opinions of people, businesses, new snacks and anything else under the sun! While some of us aren’t as perturbed by first impressions, this is not a luxury that most businesses can afford…

Digital marketing has revolutionised how we present ourselves online, and it’s increasingly important for businesses to implement practices that maintain a professional online presence to maintain their reputation.

Think about it: When potential customers search for your name or company online, what do they find? Are you representing yourself professionally, or are there questionable outdated photos, information, or posts that could send the wrong message?

The ins and outs

Digital marketing can include many things for your business. Creating content that appeals to your target market, maintaining a professional website, engaging on social media platforms, and tracking data from multiple sources to make better decisions, all factor into this and can all be used to your advantage to represent your business in the best possible light.

Why online reputation is so important

Over 90% of customer purchasing decisions begin with an online search. For those businesses that feature consistently on the first page of a search engine result page, this means that more than 90% of your potential consumers are deciding about your business’s image, trustworthiness, and much more, before you have even had the opportunity to interact with them! A poor online image can have a momentous impact on sales.

Tips for maintaining your online reputation


Monitor what’s being said about your business online

Keep an eye on what customers have to say about your brand. Track customer conversations to assess sentiment, gain insights into how your brand is perceived, and use these insights to make informed changes to improve your business.


Create digital content that speaks to the heart of your brand

Creating content that resonates with customers is a terrific way to build trust. Consistency in high-quality content across all digital touch points, such as social media posts, graphics, and videos that accurately reflect your brand identity, can help consumers form a familiar emotional connection with your business (and build your reputation in the process).


Stay active on social media platforms

Being active on relevant social media platforms, from Facebook to Google My Business, presents opportunities to join relevant conversations and consistently engage with customers. These digital tactics won’t guarantee a good reputation overnight, but they will help grow your online presence and give new consumers viewing your business a familiar avenue to do so.


Respond quickly to customer inquiries and feedback

In an instant gratification world, real-time communication is critical. Responding quickly to customer inquiries and feedback can show that your business values its customer experiences and prioritises their satisfaction. By interacting with customers in a timely manner, they feel heard and cultivate a positive impression of your brand online.


Use data to make well-informed decisions

Data speaks! Digital marketing has the power to generate detailed analytical information that can help you actively monitor your online reputation. Insights developed from robust data drive informed decisions in digital marketing and provide valuable feedback on areas for improvement.

Get your online reputation on track

Cultivating a professional online presence isn’t a one-and-done task. It requires continuous efforts and regular customer engagement, but the payoff is worth it! Cape Business Online has experience working with clients in all industries to improve their online reputation and enhance trustworthiness through professional digital marketing services. For more information, please reach out to our team here.