Auto-tagging is here!

Have you heard the latest news from Google Merchant Center? Auto-tagging is now supported on this platform’s shopping experience. This includes free listing and free local listings across Google search and properties.

Previously, this feature was only available on the Google Shopping tab. This update opens the door to new data analysis that can be used to change inventory decisions, marketing strategies and budgets – all of which can be crucial for boosting overall sales.

Let’s backtrack: What is auto-tagging?

Auto-tagging is most easily explained as a unique feature in Google Merchant Center that allows business owners to track their online conversion rates from free listings on their website. The primary goal of auto-tagging is to allow business owners access to data that reveals how effective their free listings and free local listings are.

This can be done separately across all browsers and independently from other conversion types. This feature also allows the overall performance review to be split from overall organic traffic in analytical tools like Google Analytics.

The Technical Nitty Gritty

It’s great that this feature is available, but without understanding its relevancy, it’s all a moot point! To understand the importance of this feature, it’s helpful to know how the technical aspects of it work.

When a searcher clicks on your product listing in a search, the auto-tagging immediately adds a parameter called “result id” to the URL. This id is created at the exact time the impression and triggers if the user ever revisits the listing, allowing for tracking user behaviour.

The tool allows for a deeper assessment of how specific marketing tactics may be faring, which products are most popular and various other factors.

Time to get your auto-tagging on…

In SEO, having access to the vital information collected by features like auto-tagging allows for better user tracking and attribution. It prompts better decision-making and helps structure more efficient strategies.

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