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At the heart of each stunning graphic design is an equally stunning font! New font design trends emerge each year, prepped to overtake the scene and help us create impactful visuals for compelling campaigns and lasting brand messages. With a few months of 2022 behind us, our team has had some time to get acquainted with this year’s trending font designs.

Our Favourite Font Design Trends:

Bold strokes
The reintroduction of bold, thick typography strokes has made their comeback this year – and they are threatening to steal the show! This font design demands attention and can create dynamic visuals for various designs. The blur between the font and the negative space around it also allows for a visually appealing design approach.
Every font holds a unique personality, but there is no denying that fonts that replicate authentic handwriting have the most! The artistic sprawls of handwriting-like fonts emit more than a modern design but strive to evoke emotion!
Rounding the edges
Bubble-like fonts have come and gone over the years, and this year they come back with another vengeance. This rounded typography design emits a childlike flair with an air of sophistication. Its animated feeling allows it to be easily paired with bright colours to bring dynamic energy to any graphic design.
Sharpening the edges
As much as we see rounded, bubbly fonts taking a rise, we see sharp edged fonts doing the same! This typography encompasses hard edges and slanted forms to create vibrant, eye-catching designs. These designs also offer a flair of royalty and sophistication.
Keeping it curvy
If you haven’t gotten the memo: retro is back! Even in font designs. This year has seen a dramatic increase in the use of the thick, curved letter styling most associated with the seventies.

Keeping it trendy

Our designers keep things trendy and professional by using the latest fonts to show off your brand. They do so in coherence with user experience guidelines to ensure that your designs are visually fantastic without hindering functionality.

Our graphic designers are ready to get your business’s font graphics on track with leading graphic design! Our experience extends to various areas of digital marketing, allowing us to assist with anything you might need to ensure your brand’s design consistent across all online platforms. For more information about our services, please contact our team.