There has been a lot of debate online in recent years on whether or not a business should utilise Gmail for their email addresses. There are arguments for and against this, depending on the type of industry you are in and whether you have a business domain.

In our experience, businesses that keep their email addresses in alignment with their website domains are easier for consumers to remember. Email addresses such as info@(domain name) are extremely helpful for consumers when they have heard of your business or product and are searching for an associated email address.
Similarly, businesses that have professional (paid-for) email addresses come across as more authoritative and established than compared to those who use their free Gmail addresses. Having professional email addresses also negates the use of excessive numbers or abbreviations in them which can become problematic for those wanting to communicate via email.
What are your thoughts on the following business email addresses?





Our thoughts exactly!
Credibility and authenticity fly out the window when you come across professionals that have these types of email addresses. Not to mention the fact that business emails sent from Gmail accounts end up in spam folders. It just doesn’t make great business sense.
Another concern is that professional email branding and marketing is not entirely possible with most email branding platforms which costs the business owner the loss of proper outbound marketing.

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