Why Facebook is an advertising powerhouse

Email marketing tools to leverage upselling

To one extent or another, many businesses have experienced at least some amount of disruption since Covid-19 and the pandemic. The old adage of “Adapt or die” has proven true for some, but for those that choose to “Adapt and thrive”, there are wonderful weapons in the digital marketing arsenal that can be leveraged using the technologies of email communications, to support your sales team through opportunities of up- and cross selling.

We’re focusing on two of the most effective in this blog, being email banners and email marketing . Let’s dive in….


Email banners

Designed to target the “white space” above outbound emails, these banners are a blank canvas ready to be unleashed for any conceivable purpose. Because banners can be assigned to specific senders, it translates to targeted advertising on outbound mails, and potentially your sales team. Think special offers, bundled product offers, new product launches or enhanced features – if you can dream it, you can use the space for that purpose.

We are experiencing click-through rates in the vicinity of 18% for e-banner customers, and this level of success is what makes this product such a great choice for up and cross-selling opportunities. To get an idea of how the product works:

  • Watch our helpful video that explains the mechanics
  • See examples of banners that our team has produced for several of our clients.

Monthly or weekly email marketing

Utilizing the same delivery technologies as for email banners, a regular mail to your customers is an opportunity to educate the customer on (again) absolutely anything. Because email remains one of the cornerstones of business communications, it is a platform that assures growth in customer connections.

Emailers that are fun to read, with engaging content, have simply staggering click through rates, giving you the proverbial customer ear to your message. Retailers across South Africa (and the globe) are consistently relying on this marketing tool, simply because it works so well. To understand more about this product through design ideas of work that we have produced, visit our email marketing services page on our website.

There’s simply no limit to how email banners and marketing can be tailored to the sales objectives of your team. If you require support to up- and cross sell, reach out to us for help!