Why Facebook is an advertising powerhouse

All Engines GO!

Are you strapped in? It’s time to start your engines and check your lights because we’re about to jet off to that sweet number-one spot in Google search. We have the know-how to balance the wings of your business’s digital marketing efforts to give you what you are aiming for… To fly higher than your competitors!

Balancing Your Jet

Did you know? 85% of your target market will only click on the results that appear on page 1 of their Google search. This is why achieving high rankings on Google is essential for your business, but flying that high is not without its challenges…

It is important to remember that no one strategy works best in isolation. The best way to secure rankings on Google is through a comprehensive balance of digital marketing disciplines. An approach that combines strategies like search engine optimisation (SEO), content marketing and social media campaigns is not debatable when taking advantage of multiple methods can support your business in reaching a larger audience, building relationships with potential customers and gaining an edge over competitors.

Finding Your Targets

Target 1:

Preparing for the take-off of your digital marketing journey should begin with Search Engine Optimisation. It is essential for developing website rankings and creating online visibility around your brand. With professional SEO, your business will also be assured that your website is geared towards searches related to its niche! 

Target 2:
Content Marketing

Once your business is set up with an optimised website, you will have to make your jet trip interesting! Content marketing creates entertaining and informative content that captivates the attention of Google, along with your ideal target audience.

Target 3:
Email Marketing

Are you flying through the inboxes of your customers? Email marketing campaigns are one of the best ways to reach out and stay connected with your customers. It’s a great tool to engage customers, keeps them informed of product developments, special offers and the like, and email communications serve to keep your brand top of mind with your customer. 

Target 4:
Social Media

Keep soaring through social spaces with campaigns designed for brand awareness and engagement. Social media content creates social signals that support SEO – and create a buzz around your brand and business in social space.

Target 5:
Online Advertising

Flight over? Your mission is only accomplished once you have tapped into online advertising. Advertising your business on trustworthy online platforms assists with quality link building, increasing your business’s online exposure and supporting SEO.  Combined with the power of the paid media platforms of Google Ads and Meta Business, and your flight is going supersonic!

Can I Be Maverick Now?

We’ve all been touched by Top Gun (if you haven’t, it’s time to brush up on film history), and its latest revival had us all wanting to be Maverick – risking it all and saving the day! However, jetting to page one takes a little more thought and a little less gut action. It requires SEO professionals to be like a Maverick, but not necessarily the one from our favourite cult classic…

Are you interested in becoming a part of the jet setters on page one of Google? The digital marketing talents of Cape Business Online know how to push your rankings to page one and improve your online visibility. Get in for more information here.