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Rooted in Success

M&A Timbers, a prominent supplier and manufacturer of both local and imported timbers, has become an essential source for several construction, furniture-making, and woodworking projects in Cape Town. Boasting an extensive inventory of wood in diverse sizes, grades, and hues, they offer an array of options to suit any client’s unique requirements. All timbers can be tailored to the desired dimensions, delivering the perfect fit for any project!

Their knowledgeable team assists customers in selecting the ideal timber and provides valuable insights on maximising its potential. As a forward-thinking company, M&A Timbers is dedicated to delivering exceptional service and unrivalled products to its clientele. If a client has a specific profile in mind, the team is trained to match it as closely as possible.

The M&A Timbers Journey to Online Marketing

In 2023, Cape Business Online (“CBOL”) was approached by M&A Timbers to advise a strategy to improve inbound leads.   The CBOL team fairly swiftly zeroed in on their comparatively weak search visibility in a market boasting healthy levels of online search activity.  Cape Business Online was tasked with developing and implementing a tailored SEO strategy to boost M&A Timbers’ visibility in search engine results, with the goal of generating leads for the business.

Increasing Website Traffic

The project required a back-to-basics approach with a professional website redesign. The goal was to create a user-friendly, visually appealing website that would effectively showcase M&A Timbers’ extensive range of exotic timber products, with a strong SEO foundation to attract and nurture the desired page #1 Google rankings. 

Sawing Through The Competition

A sustainable growth trajectory that fuels years of website traffic is precisely what M&A Timbers is beginning to experience. Through meticulous keyword research, on-point optimisation, and tailored content creation, SEO catapulted their website to several top spots in Google search rankings. The result? A dramatic increase in organic traffic, an influx of new customers, and a business that is standing taller among its competitors.

Fast forward 6 months and we’re seeing really encouraging results in this SEO project:


Image tracking impressions, but only the X and Y axes, plus the impressions line from the graph below.


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Growing Google Impressions

M&A Timbers sought to carve their niche in the exotic timber industry and trusted our digital marketing expertise to be the compass that guided them towards uncharted heights of success. This collaboration elevated the business’s online presence and led to significant growth in organic traffic, supporting lead generation and increasing sales.

Transforming your business from a hidden gem to a shining star in the digital space is possible with a well-executed SEO strategy. Our 5-star Google Review from Mark Venter, General Manager at M&A Timber, speaks volumes about what our team has achieved for their business.

“From reconstruction and redesign of our website, through to the SEO strategy – our confidence in this team continues to grow. We are very happy with the Cape Business Online team – they just get on with it and deliver where it counts most!”

How to Connect with M&A Timbers

If you want to connect with M&A Timbers or learn more about their available exotic timber, feel free to visit their website.

Alternatively, keep up with them on Facebook.

How to Get the Same Result for your Business

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