In today’s ever-evolving world, most businesses prefer digital over print, but we think the platform you choose should depend on the context it is used for. Both avenues of marketing have pros and cons, but we have found that the cost savings of digital over print, particularly for smaller businesses, has proven instrumental in the shift to digital.

The ultimate marketing mix would be a clever combination of both print and digital marketing. This way brand exposure is amplified in all avenues providing the best in both worlds. However, there are a few advantages in choosing to focus on digital marketing.

The advantages of Digital Marketing:

If you are looking for a way to save on your marketing costs, consider switching your current print marketing to digital. Not only are your customers already online, you save on printing or traditional advert costs. Plus, less paper is great for our environment.

Small to medium businesses fare better with smaller marketing budgets by concentrating their advertising efforts on digital. Besides the cost savings, tracking of the ROI in digital marketing is easier than with traditional print. The added benefit of digital media being ‘shareable’ is another draw card for smaller businesses.

wider audience reach and the ability to target specific audience sets, makes digital marketing the preferred platform for many clients. The opportunities that are available online are not as restricted as they are in print or even broadcasting.

Case study: Digital Product Guides

During 2020, we assisted our signage and branding customer, Signarama, to help their customers make better signage decisions through industry and product guides. These handy guides are equipped with everything that their customers need to know about specific signage in a clear, creative, and attractive way.

Our brief was to develop and design the content for a range of digital guides which appear on their website. Not only did we highlight their product offering, we showcased their capabilities and set it all out in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Case study: Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing has become popular in the world of advertising and for good reason. The relative low advertising cost coupled with the ability to build audiences makes this option viable for many businesses, especially SME’s. Social media marketing also levels the playing field when a brand is competing for advertising space online. We build and market social media posts for a wide range of clients which increases lead generation and widens their marketing reach.
How you benefit
It would seem that critical and creative thinking will be the denominator which sets the struggling businesses from the successful ones apart. One thing is certain, social media is not dying and has served as a crucial resource during the coronavirus pandemic.
  1. Digital advertising costs are more affordable than printing and broadcast marketing.
  2. Performance data exists to illustrate the effectiveness of a digital campaign or post.
  3. We provide the relevant content and design services without you having to outsource other businesses.
  4. We can tailor content according to your budget.
  5. Professional end-product which elevates the image of your business.

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