Why Facebook is an advertising powerhouse

Any digital marketing guru these days is very well versed in Google and for good reason. Google is the biggest search engine worldwide, with approximately 88% of the market share. Google is a powerhouse in today’s digital world and has come far since it’s inception in 1998. In 22 years, Google has dominated search activities and websites are built to be optimised specifically for the platform. SEO’s existence is owed to Google as businesses try to outrank their competitors in search. Most digital marketing agencies offer Google Ads as part of their services, as there is arguably no point in advertising online if there is no AdWords strategy in place.

Google started out with a basic list of text-based links and has evolved to make web search the best in the market with their additional features.

Answer Box

A search result that tries to answer a query with an adequate answer, typically displayed at the top of Google’s result page below the ads but above organic results.

Knowledge Panel

This panel appears on the right-hand side of your search results page and provides information on anything from businesses, people, animals, countries etc.

Google My Business

Businesses that keep their Google My Business profiles updated, are more likely to appear in Google’s Knowledge Graph and enables them to better display their address, operating hours, contact information and products.

Map Pack

These results are typically used in location searches and provides 3 locations closest to the location of the search.

People Also Ask

This feature relates to the search query and contains search questions which are similar or useful to the search being conducted.

Each feature within Google requires an individual approach to successfully conquer for your business and your digital marketing strategy should incorporate this as such. If you are concerned that your strategy does not have all bases covered, we would like to help.