Why Facebook is an advertising powerhouse

The Bad Rep In Question

Email marketing has a bit of an image problem… With spam and scam reaching almost cartoon-like levels, it can be hard to love emails and remember why you should send them out for your business! But, contrary to popular belief, email marketing isn’t all bad news — far from it in fact!

Using Email to Reach Prospects

Because email serves as the primary means of communication for both personal and professional purposes, it remains a universal tool in our daily lives. It is an efficient way for businesses to reach a large number of prospects at once and ultimately nurture these leads into customers. Email is relatively inexpensive, offers analytical tools to track engagement and conversions, and allows for personalised messaging to specific segments of a target audience. But, on the other hand, there is always the risk of emails getting lost in the abyss of an overcrowded inbox. This makes crafting engaging campaigns that resonate with recipients crucial in winning the click to open your email and ultimately improve your chances for success with email marketing!

Improving Your Strategy

The key to effective email marketing is engaging content. It should be informative, relevant, and engaging enough to make your audience want to open your emails (and keep reading). Once you’ve captured their attention with great content, you can use it to your advantage by strategically placing calls-to-action that will drive conversions.

How new recipients are onboarded can also determine their journey towards becoming valued customers. There’s no such thing as an onboarding email that’s too long, but there is such a thing as an email that’s too dull. Take all the space you need to convey your message but ensure it remains relevant, captivating, and beneficial.

Building Your Audience

If your goal is to grow your mailing list, and your customer base as a result, then make sure you are not leaving any opportunities untapped. Whether crafting a social media post, uploading a video, sharing an image, or sending a direct message, emphasise the value of joining your email database. Rather than simply urging people to subscribe, provide them with compelling incentives such as exclusive content, email-only promotions, or a combination of these elements!  Be sure to add email addresses to your database as you network and communicate with prospects via other channels.

Overcoming the Challenges

Knowing your audience is one of the biggest challenges in implementing an effective email strategy. Who are they? How do they interact with your emails? It’s like playing a guessing game without any clues. Luckily, there are ways to get to know your audience better and understand how they interact with your content.

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