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Mastering Email Marketing

Email has the means to span all interests and age groups, making it a powerful tool for building up an audience exactly right for your business. But, as with all things, there are certain golden rules to follow to ensure it meets your business’s unique objectives. Whether email marketing is something you have already tapped into or are just getting started, these golden rules are guaranteed to guide the creation of rocking email campaigns that enjoy boosted opening rates, increased engagement, and higher conversions!

The Golden Rules

#1 Find your Frequency

Do emails have the power to build your business’s brand? Yes. Does that mean we should send as many emails as humanely possible? No! With businesses in every industry calling on the magic of email marketing, finding a sweet spot for the frequency of emails delivered is the key to having them delivered AND read.

While cranking up the frequency during certain periods of the year or during new product launches is fair to do, flooding inboxes shouldn’t be the norm, especially when choosing to ignore this golden rule will lead to unsubscribes, complaints and an overall lower ROI per email sent.

#2 Get Permission

With ever-growing online privacy restrictions, it isn’t abnormal to say that nobody enjoys receiving communication that they (literally) didn’t sign up for. Therefore, a permission-based approach to your email marketing efforts is essential for making the most of this communication platform.

Visiting a website does not equal explicit intent! Targeting emails to website visitors who have not given their permission to be on your sender list is not only distasteful but can waste valuable resources.

#3 Set Quality Standards

The possibilities of email marketing are seemingly endless, often leaving newcomers overwhelmed. Settling on how you want to represent your brand early on, and sticking to this standard of quality, will make it much easier to assess your email insights and adjust where needed.

Driving it home!

Professional digital marketers (us) know exactly what makes or breaks email marketing for growing businesses (you). Cape Business Online adheres to these golden rules on your behalf to ensure that your campaigns are effective and engaging! For more information about our email marketing services, please reach out to our team here.