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Ghostwriting: Is it a good idea for your content marketing?

There is no marketing without content creation. With the benefits of lead generation and customer engagement, it’s no wonder the two always go hand in hand. The time needed to develop a sufficient amount of quality content is often underestimated in the planning process.
The sheer volume needed to stay relevant in modern business spaces can make this task a significant burden on teams who do not have the appropriate resources. Content marketing has become a lot easier with the assistance of ghostwriters.

What is a ghostwriter?

Ghostwriters are hired to write various forms of text, including those needed for content marketing, and have it credited to a different author. Where your business is concerned, a ghostwriter can be hired to assist with content marketing efforts. The written work is then credited as authored by your team or business.

Finding Your Targets

Finding the experts

Understanding the intricacies of the subject matter can be the difference in the quality of your content. As a result, finding a writer that has prior knowledge of your industry or is already an expert in the field will benefit you most.

Complete a quality check

Getting a peek into the style of your potential ghostwriter will offer some critical insights into the uniqueness they bring to the table. It should be a priority to evaluate whether their perspective and level of writing innovation are sufficient to be associated with your brand.

Ensure time efficiency

Choosing to utilise ghostwriting takes more consideration than most realise. Sustaining your content’s style and tone is crucial, making decision-making essential. Whichever solution you settle on should be powerful enough to offer scalability for your business, should your needs increase.

Remember, it’s not magic

Imploring the assistance of a ghostwriter will significantly lessen the burden of content creation. However, it is not a magic solution. Businesses may still have to offer professional insight to make necessary tweaks to ensure that the final content is of the highest quality.

Be clear and thorough

When hiring a ghostwriter, businesses should approach the partnership as a project manager. Simply offering a few keywords and sparse resources will not be enough to inspire rich content creation on behalf of your brand.

Stylistic choices

Selecting a writer that can fulfil the expertise needed for your content is crucial, but they should also be able to adapt to your brand’s voice. This will save time in the final editing process and help ensure higher quality content.

Check out their reputation

The writer chosen to represent your brand should have significant experience. Their reputation in creating content similar to what you require, whether for the platform it is intended for or the audience, is essential.

A passion for the trade

Although writers are typically highly adaptable to the content, having some prior engagement with the subject matter can be beneficial for the tone of your content. For example, a writer with zero knowledge about sports cars having to write an in-depth article about the best sports car brands may not have the edge that your brand needs.

Hire the best

Finding a suitable ghostwriter takes research. Looking within your network of established marketing experts will help you yield the best quality results.

Consider an NDA

If employing a ghostwriter for your business’s content creation is on the table, consider having them sign a nondisclosure agreement. This will ensure that the content they create on behalf of your brand belongs to the brand and cannot be used for the writer’s personal use.

Turning to the experts

Handling your business’s content marketing strategy does not need to be your next stressful endeavour. You want to curate content that speaks to your audience, represents your brand and speaks accurately to the subject matter.

We understand the need for this balance and strive to reach it through our content marketing services. Our team can create copy that meets all your checkboxes whilst ensuring it suits the platform you are interested in marketing on. For more information about our services, please reach out to our team here.