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We live in the digital age, and reaching customers is now an entirely different exercise than it was twenty years ago. It no longer suffices to rely on hard copy publicity campaigns. Today, people walk around with the World Wide Web in the palm of their hand, and performing an internet search, thanks to smart phone technology, has never been easier. Businesses have to keep up with this digital trend in order to succeed. Along with advertising, a professional website is one of the building blocks of a business’s success.

We at Cape Business Online specialise in creating professional web design for all businesses. Our web designs promise modern, fresh and interesting ideas to showcase your business, services and brand. We build individually customised websites for our client’s businesses, ensuring your website is unique and reflects your business’s culture. Our digital copywriter will also write professional content for your website to ensure your website performs in search through an integrated keyword strategy.

All business can benefit from having a website, whether it is small one-man enterprise or a corporate business. There are several reasons why it is important for the wellbeing of your business to have a professional website. These reasons range from the very obvious, to the not so obvious reasons you may not have considered until now.

1. A website ensures your business is always available, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week

A website can be accessed any time of day, any day of the year. This means your website and its information is always available to your existing or potential customers. In so being, it significantly increases the exposure of your business.

2. A website contains more information than any business card or brochure ever will

A website usually consists of more than one webpage, with each webpage focussing on a different aspect of your business. It gives the customer comprehensive information on what your business is about, a complete list of the goods and services you provide as well as how they can contact you. The sheer volume of information contained on a website is impossible to carry through on a business card or brochure. This means a customer will never gain the full amount of information available on your business through print advertising alone.

3. A website makes your advertising more effective

A website is best used as an extension of your advertising campaigns. See it like this, an advertisement contains the main selling points of your business, while a website contains all the extra information the customer will ever need concerning your business. Customers actually prefer visiting a website before visiting or calling a business. It allows them to get a better idea on what goods or services you can provide them with. Because of this, you should always include a website address on all of your advertising. This allows customers to get more information without calling or visiting your business.

4. A website saves you money.

A website is like an employee that works for you twenty four hour a day seven days a week. You never have to worry about a website being rude to customers or not showing up for work. It provides all the information to your customers need and promotes your products and services, doing the job of several employees.

6 Reasons why you need professional web design:

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A website will also save you money on advertising. Instead of running an ad campaign with lots of large advertisements, that costs an enormous amount of money, a website allows you to make use of less elaborate advertisements. Just add your website address to the advertisement. This enables customers to access the complete list of information on your business quickly and easily.

5. A website keeps your customers informed with the latest information on your business

Information on a website can constantly be changed, making it dynamic in nature. Print advertising, on the other hand, is static in nature. This means that once it has been printed, it cannot be changed or updated. If your phone number changes or your products range expands, it will not be reflected in your print advertising, and you will need to start a new advertising campaign to keep your customers informed.

6. A website can be accessed from a desktop or any mobile device

Mobile devices are the most popular platforms for accessing the Internet in today’s day and age. Because Cape Business Online understands this trend towards all things mobile, we ensure that our client’s websites are not only desktop friendly, but also accessible through mobile phones and tablets. This guarantees that customers will be able to easily access your business’s website, even when they are on the go.

“Just Google it” is commonly heard on all circles today. Will your digital presence reflect your business? Let us help you create a digital presence that mirrors your business.

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