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It’s true what they say, video marketing is the next big thing… In fact, it’s already well on its way! For those who are new to the scene, video marketing encompasses business video content available to view online by new and existing customers.  It assists in brand building and promoting your products and services.

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The role of
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Video marketing is an excellent tool to tell potential clients who you are, what you do and what you can offer them. Because we (and therefore your customers) retain visual information better, the use of dynamic visual elements helps create an understanding of your message and improves brand recall long after they have seen it. These videos are most commonly used on social media platforms and can also be used as unique website content.

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Videos work alongside what we do best – SEO!

Not only does video content appear well in basic search engine queries, it also assists in developing Google rankings for your website. Our expert team creates compelling SEO driven copy to accompany these videos and promote better rankings in search engine results.

Why is
video marketing

Effective video marketing puts your brand in the spotlight.  If your competitors haven’t started using video marketing to their advantage, it means that the sooner you do, the better!

When used on websites, video content can assist in keeping your potential clients interested by encouraging them to explore what you have to offer. Video marketing also helps build trust in your business, as viewers are more likely to resonate with visual content. Additionally, utilising video content on social media platforms helps grab the attention of potential clients, boosts your online presence and promotes engagement.

Video content and the
marketing funnel

Where your audience originates will help determine what the purpose of your video content will be.

Audiences that discover your business through a social media platform are likely to be in the initial stages of brand exploration. Therefore, this content should be focused on engaging the viewer to make them want to learn more. To be optimised for social media, these videos are typically short, attention-grabbing and showcase what your brand is about.

When your video content is discovered through a search engine query, audiences are typically searching for a solution to a problem. Therefore, this content should be able to educate and entertain viewers. This assists in convincing viewers that you are an expert in the industry and that your product or service can be trusted.

Lastly, if a viewer discovers your video directly on your website, then it is likely that they are already considering your business for their needs. These videos typically strive to tell your company story and build trust.

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We offer professional video marketing services to help you engage with potential clients throughout the marketing funnel. Our team can assist with the concept, design and execution of your video content to help your business express its brand on various platforms. We also conduct our video marketing in an SEO-friendly way to encourage superior search engine rankings.