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Searching for the Answers

The internet is an endless landscape that has grown exponentially in the last 20 years, making it abundantly clear that, despite showing its face again in various fashion trends, the early 2000s are over.
With terms like “chronically online” appearing and each year totalling more online users than the last, businesses are forced to consider the facts. Digital marketing is no longer a choice but a necessity to stay ahead. Plus, with endless ways to access the information we want, we are no longer limited to search engines.

The dilemma? Navigating the big scary online world to make sure your business fits in.

While search engine optimisation (SEO) should be the primary objective in any business’s digital marketing strategy, shining online and ensuring growth in other digital efforts requires your business to enter and adapt to multiple online environments.

Beyond the Search Engine

The sum is fairly simple: More people online equals more opportunities for your business. However, the missing part is how online your business is, since minimal visibility will negatively impact these potential possibilities. As a result, combining digital marketing services that include the original winner (SEO) is the best course of action to ensure your business’s marketing success.

Efforts should not exclude SEO but rather have it accompanied by other tactics that help strengthen your business’s overall search optimisation. This is achieved through well-loved techniques such as comprehensive social media management, content marketing and email marketing. Together, these techniques help you spread the word about your brand across multiple platforms, further strengthening your SEO.

Social Media Management: Your #1 Supporter

Modern marketers know how important showing up in social media searches is. Internet usage stats are up, particularly for the younger generations, solidifying the importance of putting your business’s stamp in this space. Here’s how social media supports your business:



Facebook now versus ten years ago, or even five, gives us the evidence to say that these platforms are constantly changing and improving. These platforms, especially the well-known ones, spend considerable budgets on improving user experience and overall functionality. One of these features is search! Users can find just about anything they are looking for on these platforms. If your business is missing in the results, you can say goodbye to potential new clients that live in social space.



Similarly to search engines, social media platforms focus on local discoverability. For the average user, this might mean serving them content related to their geographical location, but for your business, this means that you already gain an edge on discoverability when using these platforms. The quick sharing features on social media platforms also makes word-of-mouth advertising more instant (and much easier to achieve).



Building trust with existing and potential clients is a large part of long-term business success – it’s what keeps people coming back. Usually, it can be achieved through good first impressions when someone new enters your business, but now, with the ‘tap of a screen’, potential clients researching your business turn to social media to decide. How you represent your business online, how active you are, what others have to say about your business and how you respond, all combine to count for or against your business. Luckily, leveraging sound social media management puts you in control and ensures it’s for.

No More Dilemmas

Increasing your business’s success involves digital marketing, specifically correctly supported SEO. If you want to avoid any more dilemmas when ensuring your brand’s online success, reach out to the Cape Business Online team.