Dr Tanja Beeton retained our team in 2017 when she opened her audiology practice in Durbanville.   Dr Beeton is a pioneer in solutions for an array of hearing problems, supplying assistive hearing devices and products for individuals who are hearing impaired. 

Initially approached to assist only with advertising, our expertise soon impressed, and we were awarded the website redesign and SEO engagement for the practice.  Our remit is primarily in the space of SEO and social media, aimed at ensuring a steady flow of patients to the practice.  

How we grow Dr Tanja Beeton’s ONLINE PRESENCE

Search Engine

Our team conducts continuous research on the latest SEO developments to provide Dr Tanja Beeton with a high organic ranking on the world’s largest search engine platform – Google. Our SEO knowledge boosts Dr Tanja Beeton’s brand exposure and ensures she is at the forefront of her target audience’s search results. As a result, her website enjoys a higher click-through rate, resulting in better quality leads. 


Web design


Our team has created a website for Dr Tanja Beeton that is professional, industry appropriate and visually appealing. The content found here is curated to provide visitors with relevant information and valuable professional insights. The quality standard Dr Tanja Beeton’s website embraces also supports ongoing SEO efforts to rank on page #1.


Social Media


We help Dr Tanja Beeton connect with her online community through comprehensive social media management. Our team handles it all, from creating professional, on-brand content to delivering it to her social media platforms. This content is informative and engaging to new and existing followers and further supports her online visibility.


Online Advertising


We support Dr Tanja Beeton through an established platform of online directories to further promote her brand and boost her online presence. These directories span across 20 popular locations and advertise to an established audience.


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