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Search engine optimisation (SEO) is currently the fastest growing discipline in digital marketing. It is designed to increase website traffic by focusing on tried and tested search engine ranking techniques, that positively impact search engine rankings of the website being optimized. This website optimization leads to improved rankings in search engines (most notably Google) which in turn improves visibility in search engine result pages, ultimately improving the level of website enquiries.

In layman’s terms, we refer to SEO as the technical processes employed to positively affect the online visibility of a website in a search engine’s unpaid (also known as “earned” or “organic”) results. These online activities are combined to cultivate a business’s online reputation, which influences a website’s performance in search results.

Websites under the care of a reputable SEO consultant perform well in online searches and are classified as those appearing high in organic search results. Similarly, those that garner high click-through rates (that subsequently turn into leads, new customers and ultimately sales) also rank higher.

As pioneers in the profession of SEO in Cape Town, we have successfully developed a range of search engine approved optimisation solutions to develop a positive online reputation for our clients. We have been the driving force behind monumental changes in the businesses that we SEO  – let us do the same for yours.

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Businesses that target consumers with online activity of any kind are unavoidably impacted by the need for a professional online reputation. Over 90% of all global business purchasing decisions commence with an online search. Any business that has not addressed its online visibility and specifically search engine result page 1 presence, is not visible to online search – it is as simple as that!

The rationale for SEO lies in Statistics and the Theory of Probability. Through continuous research and tracking internet user behaviour, insights to pin click-through rates on search engine result pages are currently as follows:

85% of all clicks are on page 1 of a Google search

5% of all clicks are on paid Ads (on page #1)

10% of all clicks onto pages 2 and beyond

Of all clicks that take place on page 1, 75% are estimated to be in the first 3 organic rankings.

By simple application of mathematics, implementing SEO on your website is vital if your business targets an online audience for its purchasing decisions.
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We deploy the latest SEO technologies and techniques to deliver effectively targeted SEO services to our clients – and we’d never settle for anything less. Professional SEO is structured to your business’s needs and specifically designed to improve your rankings in search engine results, placing your business in front of a larger, wider online audience to generate more traffic for your website.

As a reputable SEO company, we strive to make your business visible online by applying our knowledge and expertise to all our marketing efforts on your behalf.  Here’s what we do:

We conduct detailed, industry-specific keyword research.

This research is conducted on an ongoing basis to improve your online rankings in line with moving industry trends. We also consider your business’s unique goals to ensure we help you meet them.

We conduct detailed, industry-specific keyword research.

Our team expertly crafts content to suit this strategy whilst staying true to your brand’s voice with knowledgeable content that will entice potential customers.

We will correct or rebuild your current website design, backend structure and coding to be SEO compliant.

Our combined technical and creative talents ensure that every visual and technical aspect of your website is beyond stellar.

We continuously perform both on-site and off-site optimisation.

After laying the foundation for successful SEO, our team provides the necessary support and maintenance to keep your website’s optimisation on track for high rankings.

We will develop additional strategies, including social media strategies, to further improve your rankings.

Our team expertly crafts content to suit this strategy whilst staying true to your brand’s voice with knowledgeable content that will entice potential customers.

We offer online advertising solutions for our SEO clients.

Not only does this support your website’s SEO efforts, but it also gives your business access to more than 20 online area directories to help you connect with customers looking for a business like yours.

We keep you informed of our progress and the development of your website rankings through monthly reporting and ease of access to our SEO team. Although SEO can work wonders for your bottom line, it is not a solution which delivers results instantaneously. SEO, when applied properly, takes time to deliver results, BUT when the results start showing, you will clearly see the advantages that a good strategy provides.

If you want extraordinary marketing results with a sustainable increase in sales, an ongoing SEO service provider is the solution you are looking for.
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What is SEO?

SEO is the process of optimising your website to outrank your competitors in online search. Google has over 250 ranking factors that it applies to measure how relevant your website is to the search query it is trying to answer and how authoritative your website is. SEO addresses relevancy and authority on the most searched keywords in your industry.

Learn more about SEO in our two minute explanation here.

How do I know if my business needs SEO?

If your customers are looking for you online, then you need SEO – it is that simple. You will know if customers are looking for you based on research that we perform to assess whether there is a commercial argument for you to SEO. If there is no commercial argument, we will be the first to tell you and vice versa.

How long do I have to sign up for?

We have a minimum duration of 12 months to our agreements. Thereafter, it is month-to-month with a calendar months’ notice to termination.

How long does it take to see a ranking change after starting SEO?

Ranking can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months. This can be longer or shorter for new vs older domains, respectively. Once we have assessed your website and the SEO factors specific to your domain, we will be able to provide greater clarity on the anticipated timeline.

Will I ever be able to stop doing SEO?

Once you understand how critical SEO is in your lead generation, you will understand that SEO is something that you can never stop doing.