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As an experienced SEO company, we aim to increase your website traffic by focusing on SEO techniques and tactics. SEO is currently the fastest growing discipline in digital marketing.

In laymen’s terms, it refers to the technical process and tactics employed to positively affect the online visibility of a website in a search engine’s unpaid (also known as “earned” or “organic”) results. These online activities are combined to cultivate the online reputation of a business or brand and determines the online reputation that drives the performance of a website in online search.

Websites under the care of a reputable SEO company perform well in online searches and are classified as those appearing high in organic search results. Similarly, those that garner high click through rates that subsequently turn into leads, new customers and ultimately sales, also rank high.

As pioneers in the profession of SEO in Cape Town, we have successfully developed a range of SEO solutions to develop a positive online reputation for our clients and we have been the driving force behind monumental changes in the businesses that we have conducted SEO for.





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Why SEO your website?

Businesses that target Millennials or any online audience are unavoidably impacted by the need for a professional online reputation. Over 90% of all global business purchasing decisions commence with an online search, which emphasises the need for online visibility.

The rationale for SEO lies in Statistics and the Theory of Probability. Through continuous research and tracking internet user behaviour, insights to pin click through rates on search engine result pages are currently as follows:                             

85% of all clicks on page 1
5% of all clicks on Ads
10% of all clicks onto pages 2 and beyond
Of all clicks that take place on page 1, 75% are estimated to be in the first 3 organic rankings.

By simple application of mathematics, bringing SEO to your website is vital if your business targets an online audience for its purchasing decisions. We know Cape Town – we are SEO Cape Town.

Our crafted SEO strategy will:

Improve your webpage’s ranking in Google search

Move your webpage up in search engine result pages


Improve your webpage’s online visibility


Improve organic web traffic


Ultimately increase the number of conversions the webpage delivers

SEO in Cape Town: What our skills can offer you
Our SEO solutions are specifically designed to improve your rankings in search engine results.

At Cape Business Online, we make use of only the latest SEO technologies and techniques to deliver effective, targeted SEO services to our clients. Our SEO solutions are specifically designed to improve your rankings in search engine results, thereby placing your business in front of a larger, wider online audience to generate more traffic for your website. As a reputable SEO company, we strive to make your business visible online by applying our knowledge and expertise to all our marketing efforts on your behalf.

Here is what we can do for you:

We conduct detailed, industry specific keyword research on an ongoing basis to improve or maintain your online rankings.


We creatively wordsmith your website copy to embed your keyword strategy.


We will correct or rebuild your current web design, backend structure and coding to be SEO compliant.


We continuously perform both on-site and off-site SEO.


We will develop additional strategies, including social media strategies, to further improve your rankings.


We offer online advertising solutions for our SEO clients.


We will keep you informed of our progress and the development of your website rankings.

Although SEO can work wonders for your bottom line, it is not a solution which delivers results instantaneously. SEO, when applied properly, takes time to deliver results BUT when the results start showing, you will clearly see the advantages that a good SEO strategy provides. If you want extraordinary marketing results with a sustainable increase in sales, an ongoing SEO service provider is the solution you are looking for.

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SEO in Cape Town

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