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When we think about digital marketing, the first platforms that come to mind are the social media giants (like Facebook and Instagram), but most of us tend to forget the biggest online platform of them all – Google!

With the vast majority of our target audiences shifting their attention to online spaces, it makes sense that businesses do the same with their marketing efforts. After all, if you are not marketing in the space that your consumers are in the most – are you really maximising the reach of your advertising efforts? This is where search engine optimisation (SEO) is unsurpassed in results.

Although the name may seem complicated, it is fairly simple to understand. Search engine optimisation takes your website (AKA your business’s professional online platform) and optimises it (AKA tweaking content, design and technical aspects) to make sure it suits the quality requirements outlined by search engines (Google being the most important). Refining these crucial aspects on a business’s website causes Google to award a higher rank to the optimized website in its search results. A website that has been refined by a professional SEO consultant in Cape Town is guaranteed to climb to rankings!

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Let’s backtrack…
How does Google
review my website?

Understanding how an SEO consultant will benefit your business starts with understanding how Google reviews your website. Here’s how the process works in Google search:


The Spiders

Nope, we don’t mean real creepy crawlies. Google’s search bots, popularly known as spiders, are tasked to crawl your website pages to understand the content of your website. This includes categorising the content on your pages, text, etc.


The Information is Filed

Once Google’s spiders have thoroughly crawled your website and have indexed the site material, it takes this information onto its servers where it is catalogued into the Google index to be served in future search engine result pages.


The Searches

Once in the Google index, your website pages are stored and await a relevant search. When a searcher queries for a word or phrase, Google extracts result pages from its index, based on what it thinks will best answer the search query.

Correctly optimized pages are served in preference by Google.  This means that when you are using the power of SEO, your website pages gain the advantage of appearing in top search results. And, since these top spots receive the most traffic, the website owner will benefit from a steady organic influx of searches looking for exactly what the business is offering!

Where an
SEO Consultant
Comes in

Finding the keywords that buzz

As one of the first steps in an SEO take-on, keyword research is arguably one of the most important, as it is the essence of what will lure potential clients to your website. As SEO Consultants, we consider your unique goals and research keywords that are best suited to meeting those strategic objectives. This research is typically an ongoing process to ensure that the online demand of search being targeted in your keyword strategy aligns with your business’s dynamic needs.

Creating the best content

Once your keywords have been researched, identified, and agreed with you, our creative wordsmiths get to crafting quality content. Having website copy that meets the SEO needs of the selected keywords whilst maintaining quality is a vital balance to achieve. Plus, your website copy needs to stay true to your brand voice. Our professional SEO consultant and team oversees this process to ensure that the foundations of your SEO strategy are correctly established to position your website for top rankings to develop.

Optimising it all – on and off!

When the foundation of your SEO has been established, the ongoing technical aspects shift into gear! Both on-page and off-page SEO are key to cultivating rankings.  On-page SEO includes everything from website tweaks that enhance user experience to maintaining site speed. Off-page SEO includes external factors such as link building from sites of authority in your industry.

Keeping it all sleek and smooth

The visual elements of your website mean more to SEO than most realise! Google’s aim is to provide their searchers with a combination of the best answer for their enquiry, and the best experience. Without a great user experience, Google is less likely to rank your website higher. Our team of professional SEO consultants have the knowledge to recommend and implement UX enhancements that will improve user interaction on your website and draw support from the likes of Google, to further support the development of your website rankings. 

What a
Crafted SEO Strategy
Can Do:



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With the latest technology at our disposal and years of combined experience, our SEO Consultants in Cape Town know how to deliver effective SEO! We structure each SEO strategy individually to suit the unique needs of your business. This helps us ensure that we deliver the best results to get your business to the #1 page of Google search results and right in the eye line of potential customers. If you are interested in extraordinary digital marketing that delivers a sustained increase in sales, SEO is the solution you have been looking for.